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2014 Red Square Calendar picture thread

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playin in the dirt.......








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Came across this nice pic. Left to right C-81, 520H, C-141IMG_9569.jpg

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post-11811-0-10802100-1383014993_thumb.j My plow tractor, the wife wanted it blue because the C160 is red so now we have a red and a blue horse
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It had to be didn't it :)



That ought to be a calendar centerfold! :eusa-clap:

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Here are my c-161 8 speed and c-121 auto with 3000 watt generator for calendar consideration, thanks, Don


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Here is my Halloween picture of my 2009 WHCC Raffle Tractor B-100 with my newly re-furbished snow blade.



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    • By T-Mo-(Moderator)
      The 2018 RedSquare Wheel Horse calendar.  
    • By T-Mo-(Moderator)
      It's that time of year that we need to start thinking, planning, and preparing for our annual Wheel Horse Red Square calendar.  If you want a chance to have your tractor(s) appear on next year's calendar, here is the thread to post your pictures.  This year, I also asked that you put your username and year/model of your tractor for each picture you submit.  We want HIGH resolution images only as they display better on our calendars.
      I would like season related images, i.e. snow blowing or snow blading for winter, grass mowing for summer, fall clean up for fall, and, of course, any tractor working or just sitting pretty for all to see are surely welcome.
      I don't know if we would want a theme or not, but that could be an idea.  So, maybe suggestions for a theme, if we go that route.  Examples are RJs, or Suburbans, or maybe big wheel tractors like the 953/1054/GT-14/C-195, or maybe a 70's theme?   I don't know if we will do a theme, but I still like to have some suggestions and/or comments added here also.
      OH, if anyone wants to tackle this project besides me, feel free to volunteer.
    • By Martin
      I have decided to do the calendar this year. i have big shoes to fill looking through the past years efforts by Justin and others before him. what i need from you guys is pics of your horses as candidates to use for this year coming up. i want to see some more of the 'barn find' pics and the 'as found' ones i see on the forum from time to time. there have also been some great rebuilds and restores done in the past year as well. I've been thinking it might be nice to do two entirely different calendars this year. i don't want to make any more work for Mike (squonk) here on the forum with the ordering process, but i would be more than happy to produce two versions of the calendar if it is possible to keep it easy for all concerned regarding the printing etc. you guys on the forum would be the deciding factor here as far as making it easy to work out who wants which calendar. 
      maybe some sort of ordering could be done in the forum store? is this even possible?
      just throwing out the idea here on the two different calendars, like i said i don't have a problem producing two different pdf files of 'old' and 'new'.
      regardless of whether we end up with one or two calendars, i need you guys to post up your pics here, the higher resolution shots, clear and easy to see are going to make it easier for me, i have limited editing skills and i want to make the final product as nice and professional looking as can be. the requirements are really no different as in past years.
      im excited to be involved in doing the calendar this year and depending on how things go, would consider doing it for the next few years.
      don't be reluctant to post up your tractor because you think its not good enough to be considered this year, you might just be surprised to see that a nice one might just take a back seat to a dusty barn find. 
      we will give this 3 weeks, cut off would be 17th November. so don't put it off and risk missing out.....
    • By nylyon-(Admin)
      Download your copy of the 2011 RedSquare Calendar
      As always, thank you for submitting your pictures. A very special Thank You to Justin JUSS10 who put this together this year. It is a difficult task, to pull it all together, and I am glad that Justin took the time to pull this off, he did an outstanding job!
      Please remember, this calendar is not for sale, and only available for free download.
      All the pictures are awesome, and thanks for making February special!
    • By JUSS10
      It's here, the 2012 RedSquare Calendar. Please give your thanks to JUSS10 (Justin) who did another remarkable job!