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factory muffler?

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Hey again everyone. My 753 has a vertical muffler on it. Ive seen one other one like this on another 753 but I didn't know if it was a coincidence or if it was original and just not very common. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks guys.


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The illustrated parts list does not show a vertical muffler.



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That's weird.. thanks so much though!

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      Experts - help please. I’m new to Wheel Horse Tractor life! 
      So - I’ve pulled out an inherited tractor and have decided to resurrect her. Unfortunately, no spark :/ 
      I’m looking for help on diagnosing no spark. 
      model - 417-8 
      engine - Kohler KT17
      Done thus far:  (aware that some have no implication on spark.) 
      - new ignition switch 
      - new battery 
      - new starter
      - new ignition coil and wires w/ plugs 
      - new condenser 
      - new points 
      - new starter solenoid 
      - bypassed all switches except oil and seat. 


      idiot lights removed. 
      All fuses tested with Ohms as well as visual inspection  .. 
      coil tested w/ ohms as well
      all switches bypassed except: 
      -oil switch  ( don’t think it has any implications other than a visual indication for idiot lights. ) 
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      - - solenoid to batt
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