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Install tire chains

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Ok, here is my way of installing tire chains




start by laying out the chain, making sure the cross chain tie links are facing down(see pic 1 ,2 and 3)


Set tire on chains(remove air from tire, as much as possible) and wrap chain around tire and loosly attach tighting bar.(see pic # 5)


Flip tire over and connect oposite site as tight as possible.(see pic # 6)


Now flip tire back over and tighten other side as tight as possible.(pic # 7)

Now adjust cross links so they are straight across from each other.(pic #8)

Now air up tire and your done, well mount back on tractor, then your done.

Pix # 9 and # 10 are of tires mounted with weights(home made brackets)





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:) I always install my chains with tires mounted on the tractor. Might have to try your way, might be easier way to tighten the chains. :flags-usa:

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ill do it the same way as Maidenfan does it takes about 15-20 mins do do it that way.. when ill have the tire off i also check if the hubs are tight etc.

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I also take them off mine to put on chains, but I've never deflated the tires. I use my craftsman for plowing in the winter, I don't use my restored b-100 because I don't want the rust from the brine and salt, Even though the 10hp Kohler in the horse seems to have more power than a 21hp Briggs twin. :eusa-think:

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I leave the tires on the Horse when installing chains.

After the chains are on, bungee binders to keep the chains snug. :-)

When the snow is dozed, I back into the barn up on 2x6's or larger.

Keeps the chains out of the dribbles. I can set the blade down also on the boards.

Edge is high 'n dry.

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