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Special Guests at the 2012 Meet and Greet

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We were all graced with some real down to earth quality individuals. Members of the Pond family made the trip down and spent the day with us. I feel horrible that they were late to a niece's birthday party but so humbled by the fact that they decided to make the trip and be part of our raffle and show. What a fantastic family and a great legacy that Cecil left behind. I really appreciate the time that I was able to talk and hear some first hand history of the Pond family and the involvement of Wheel Horse. I can't thank them enough for taking the time to be with all of us.

From left to right.........

Johnathan (Cecil's grandson), Linda (Cecil's daughter), Gary (Cecil's son and father of Johnathan), Martha (Gary's wife)

Last picture....I was very humbled to be asked by the family to take part in a photo along with them. Thank you!




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All in the :wh: family.


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:handgestures-thumbupright: :handgestures-thumbupright:

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