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More Pictures From 2012 WHCC Show

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Here are some of my pictures from the WHCC show. I had camera problems, so there aren't as many pictures as last year.

Thursday morning, Brian & Jo Marion setting up camp



Redbird setting up her tent.


The "Maynard Hotel"


"RedSquare Corner". Not officially sanctioned as such, but this was buckrancher and rmaynard's show canopies. This is where the group pictures were taken.


My 1977 B-100, 1968 Commando 8, and the High Performance Edition C-141


Buckrancher's tractors, including the new stainless steel sickle bar, and the now famous stainless steel RJ. The 854 in front didn't last 12 hours before it was sold. Great job Brian!


Since I don't know the owners of these tractors, they are including without title for your viewing pleasure.


These tractors belong to "Wild Bill" Pearson.



Karen (kthack657) with her 701 and others, and Jim (JimT1971) tractors.



whfan74 (Scott) and his dad's tractors


The Wheel Horse gas station.


Brian and Steve chillin'


The baby robins in the barns were not so happy about all the commotion.




Early Friday morning, about 5:30 am at the campsite. I was the only one up at that time.





This is just before the show opened. Lots of folks starting milling about.


The show officially opened with a prayer and the singing of the National Anthem.


This is one of the benefits of being a MOD. A personal driver and 'just what's in that cup Stevebo?'


Another shot of my tractors


buckrancher (Brian Marion) and his wife Jo


Brian describing the stainless steel sickle bar



rmaynard, stevasaurus, squonk, & amcrules00


A sea of red


John Frock describing his 310-8/generator set-up


"Wild Bill" Pearson directing the Wheel Horse parade, and interviewing the riders. As usual, the featured tractor always lead off the parade on Friday. Here is a whole family of Commando 8's. I believe that is Docwheelhorse (Tony) with his daughter Lauren and son Anthony.



Bill interviewing Jay on his Commando 8 during the parade.



Looking good there Scott. That Commando 8 is really sharp!


Jo Marion staging the riders in the parade. Another thankless job well done in 90 degree heat.


Dave & Redbird (left & center), along with Dave Schroyer and grandson Cole. Dave Schroyer built the C-141 High Performance Edition tractor shown in my area. Great job Dave. That was one beautiful work of art.


Good shot of Dave Cline on his Hit or Miss powered horse


woodchuckfarmer (Wayne) and his son rwilson (Rich) looking at my B-100


Another shot of Wild Bill talking to one of the younger riders.



Redbird and Jo taking care of business at the "Slow Tractor" races. "Go kids, go" or should that be "Slow kids, slow"


Sunset falls over the fairgrounds on Friday evening.


Saturday morning. This gentleman's grandfather was the original owner of my Commando 8. It was left to his father, who left it to him. The Commando 8 had been used continuously to cut grass until I purchased it in December of 2011. I told Steve (pictured) to come to the show if he could and see the remake of his old tractor. I was certainly glad he did. Hope I made you proud.



Now that's devotion to the hobby. Look out TT, I think that one is bigger than yours


Here's a couple of shots of the group pictures of the Commando 8, this years featured tractor.





Wherever there's a camera, Stevasaurus is there. Just kidding Steve. Left to right, Stevasaurus, Varosd (Don Varos), jay in nc (Jay Holt)



Edited by rmaynard
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Thanks for the pics Bob! Really great pictures! :text-thankyouyellow: Jake

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superb pic collection Thanx for sharing

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great pictures bob. i'm in the second parade picture being interviewed by bill p. about my commando 8 . the flag was bought at last years show from GlenJerri, glenn pettit they make wonderfull products. had a great time & looking forward to next year ! Jay

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Excellant pics with some great info to go along Bob. Thanks!


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Great pictures Bob !!! Thank you....I forgot my camera this year lol

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Nice pics, thanks for sharing Bob. If you don't mind, would you please pick some favorites and load'em up in the show gallery? http://www.wheelhors...ollectors-show/ Nice to see a few pictures different from everyone else.

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Great pics Bob!

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Hi Bob, you got a couple of pictures of my family walking around at the start of the show on Friday. But what's funny is the mid-morning picture with John Frock showing me his generator set up. I ended up picking a 3000 watt unit form a couple from Canada who where camping under trees on the left as you enter the show. All most bought a 5000 but I didn't pull the trigger fast enough by the time I decided to get it was sold. Thanks to Glenn Cockerham for telling about the generator I did pick up. Anyway another great show with some great pictures Thanks Jim

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Brians 854 is in good hands. My son has claimed it to be his and trust me, he'll take good care of it!

Nice shot of Hollywood Stevebo's son using the clutch! Great pics Bob, thanks for sharin em.

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Two thumbs up!

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