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What's my tractor worth?

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There are often posts asking what their tractor is worth. The value of your tractor is determined by two things.

1. How much you "need" to get for it

2. How much someone is willing to pay for it.

Similar to real estate, the value of a tractor is dependent on its location. A 416-h in Connecticut may sell for more than a 416-H in Michigan. It is best to check your local listings, Craigs list and eBay to see what similar tractors are selling for.

It is difficult to answer the how much is it worth question without pictures, complete descriptions, location, attachments etc.

If you still want to post a question on the value of a tractor, please provide complete model number, serial number, condition, engine operating condition, and plenty of pictures (we like pictures anyway) along with what you would expect it to be worth as that is generally helpful.

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