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Decals for a C175 Twin Automatic

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Hi Terry,

I am restoring a 1981 C175 Twin Automatic that I am looking for decals for. I have photos of the decals that I am looking for that I can email to you, but I am also in need of a special one. I am replacing the fiberglass seat pan with a steel one off of a 520. Because of this, I would like to have a rear decal the size and shape for the one on the 520, but with the correct colors and font of the C175. Does this make sense to you? I am also concerned about the vinyl color. The decals that I bought from Mayhew Reproductions about four years ago were an RAL 1013 color white. It looks a little like an antique white and I can send you a paint chip of it if you need it. That color is what I had all of my rims powder coated to match and since the decals and wheels are the only white items on the tractor, they need to match. Also, I believe that I sent you some CAD drawings for the decals for a 1978 C161 Automatic about a year ago and it looks like you added them to your website. I would also like to purchase all of the black and gray decals to this tractor as well. One last thing, the decal for the parking brake/attachment lift on the C175 is the same as the one in the C161 Automatic kit. It should be a one-piece decal, so I would like one of those in the C175 kit as well. Please respond with any questions that you have as well as a cost estimate.



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