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1993 314-8 Carb Adjustment Help

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Go the 314 in paint and putting back together. I need help with adjusting the carb & govener linkage. I would like a close up pic of another 314-8 (1993) if has one. This will help me make sure the rotation on the linkage is correct. if you have a diagram of the carb linkage that would be best.

Every time I adjust the cable linkage the throttle goes from low rpms right to wot :notworthy: there is no way to slowly rev it up using the throttle cable. The other issue is I cannot get it just right so when wot it reve around 3400 rpm. The manual is really bad as it only tells you to adjust the carb but not how to...

thanks- steve bo

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Wish I had pic.... :WRS:

The way it's acting, it's obviously hooked up wrong. Been there, done that. :notworthy:

NOT telling you a darn thing am I??? :thumbs:

If no pictures come forth, take a close look at the way it's acting, sometimes if you just watch the action real close, you can see where the flaw in the hook up is.

Hope the luck is with you!!

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