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MacKissic Mighty Mac shredder

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This is my "Leaf Eater". Every Fall I pickup about 100 large paper bags of leaves from the city and chew them up with this Shredder to till into the garden. Then in the early Summer I'll chew up 5-6 bales of straw into mulch. The shredder has a screen with 1" holes in it, that cuts the leaves and straw into about 1/2" pieces. Tried a screen with larger holes (1x3"), not happy. Will easily chop up to 1" pieces of sticks in the top bin (this doesn't have a side limb chopper). Reduces 6-8 bags into just one.


Also called the company Home Office in PA, they were extremely helpful and cooperative (Ryan Grant, engineering), all decals are still available for a restoration, there is a special manual for Wheel Horse mounts "#9WH-74", plus the operating Manual "#9P", (both are listed & available in the manuals list on red Square). Same machine is made for most tractor brands and most models, it's just the tractor mounting systems that change, they have several dozen different mounts available, and a mount manual for each. A new machine like mine is about $1800 new. MacKissic web site is: www.mackissic.com

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