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D series gauges - D160 D180 D200

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What gauges were standard on wheel horse D160 D180 D200 series tractors?

Was the dash light only an option on the D200?


On D180 and D200 series tractors I've seen, it seems like they all had Ammeter, oil pressure, and transmission temperature.

I've only seen engine hours and dashlight on one D200.


I'm not sure about D160.  I have never seen one up close.




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I've owned 6 of them and not a single one had the same dash lay out. I currently have 2, and they are miles apart -- the D200 is full featured with all the gages/lights, but has no attachments except the deck -- then My D160 is Bare bones with not even head/tail lights, but has a 3pt lift -which I use a lot!!


Then I have had one 18 auto, two D180s, and another D200, and aside from the two 180's which were pretty close on dash/lights, one had the whole package with PTO and 3 pt, the other only had the deck.


I currently have a 200 strictly for mowing, it had a recent short block and is all around a solid tractor, the 160 has/had a recent complete Kohler K341 and it too is all around a good solid tractor.


Very likely, these are the last horses I'll own, between my age and the almost impossibility of finding a horse here in La, will likely be my last.......

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