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Well, I think I finally did it

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So here I am, ready to take my lumps for meathead-of-the-year award. :thumbs:

So, last weekend I was putting together 312-8 #2. Got to reinstalling the brake drum on its shaft and the cussed thing was binding, so I tried coaxing it on with a rubber hammer. Got it most of the way on but that last half inch...yeah, you can tell what's coming....so I got a block of wood and a slightly bigger hammer and gave it a couple of good whacks. Wouldn't even budge. Took my wheel puller and took it back off (that part was very easy), took some emory cloth to the shaft, and voila! Slid on slicker'n'ell. Installed and tightened the retaining bolt and went on about my merry business.

Anyway, last night I was moving some things around and noticed a puddle of oil on the bench under the brake drum (still up on the bench - motor hasn't been reinstalled yet). Investigated and found the seal was leaking like a sieve. [insert cuss words!]. Then I rolled the drum over to see what was going on and discovered a distinctive "knocking" sound inside the tranny. Gave the wheels a spin to give it some momentum and she really started knocking and hammering, and I could feel a hitch with each revolution. [Now insert major cuss words!]

I don't feel any lateral play in the shaft, and only a little in-and-out movement, but something inside sure is wrong. Anybody ever had this happen to them...uh, rather than ask it that way....anybody have any idea what might have broken or let go inside? Tranny was previously very quiet.

I am such an idiot! :thumbs2: !

Duff :ychain:

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