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    PM your address and I will send you one.
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    Just to let you know, the black angle rod should connect underneath not on the top as it is in the picture. It should angle easier that way. Good luck with your sale!
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    I just finished my my wallet design, have a person who wants to order one already.
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    Still have this one good runner , loud starter only thing I would mention as wrong . $300
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    Sorry it sold Sat. I got $300
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    Still available. Sending you a PM
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    Those had starter generators in them and they are battery ignition units. They will need to be hooked up to a battery to run. I have several of them NOS complete. Can you take a photo of tag? They probably are from the same batch and application as the ones I have.
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    They have the mounts for the generators...
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    Thanks Barry for the explanation. I don't use a smart phone (although I have a flip phone with is text enabled, but I despise the application), but I know the auto-correct trips lots of folks up. That's problematic in and of itself, and the fact that many people assume what they thought they texted or typed, wasn't exactly sent as what they intended to state. Unfortunately, too often, the intent and message get changed by the phone. One of the glitches of modern technology ....... making assumptions about what someone is attempting to write........ I like to refer to it as "The Ghost in The Machine".
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    @BPC23 Sorry, I don’t since my solid decks have all sold and I think the one with good spindles but a poor shell is leaving tomorrow. But I do know someone who should have a 42RD with a solid shell. I’ll contact you and let you know what I find out.
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    Yes I also make the 1054/953 seat and back and the lawn ranger ,655,606,656,855,856,875,1055,1075,1056 which are all the same pan. I also supply the foam precut to fit perfectly.
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    Uncertain?? I will take a picture of the pump mounts. I believe, but uncertain that pumps ailments are similar. You need to get a gasket. Wheelhorsepartsandmore.com carry’s them.
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    I've got a hood from a 1267. It's a little rough. Holes in the front for lights. You can have it for free but You'd have to pay the freight.
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    Complete flywheel maybe? Do I need to stalk a JD forum? Lol
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    I might have that shaft and gear. Will look tomarrow and let you know. By the way I also have a 416-H so I can reference my Wheel Horse. Jim
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    And the bottom part that the hood hinges on is different on a 500 special...the tractor is just a commando 6 with the Indy “stripes” that’s all that wheel horse really did. Took a cheap tractor and added a bit to commemorate the Indy race.... they are a beautiful tractor though...mines almost done
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    I have several $20 shipped. Let me know if you want one
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    Just got it. I will email you the tracking number when I ship it on Monday. Thank you
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    I will check my hydro pumps that I have over the weekend to see if they match.
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    what other stuff comes with it ?
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    I know where there is a NOS 48" in NY
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    They went to a good home, a member here at RS. I kind of hate to see them go, though. But, I just didn't have time to devote to them like they deserved.
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    Have these in Akron 42" and 48" plus a couple others.
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    Someone got a good deal on two cool tractors
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    Just an fyi buddy if u click edit, you can change listing to closed and itll take it down off the sales page, just thought that would help ya not get 100 more msgs lol
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    Wow! I’ve got to order some of these! I’ll have to show Emory and see what he wants. It will be Friday though - payday😁. Big Show kind of drained me!!
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    One I have now is 1/2”/5/8” but belt sits too low in pulley. Belt slips in 3rd, and tensioner rubs on the belt guard. Been looking online but work is getting in the middle of my search lol
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    Here are pictures of the black gas tank FYI
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    Akron ohio 60 Suburban . also a vertical shaft automatic like an A 80
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    Great looking Horse..Everything I`m looking for with attachments. Like to speak with you on this one
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