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    Today I saddled up the 1960 horse and put her to eating grass! Not the fastest but man it cuts great! Gets lots of looks as people drive by! Time to clean her back off and let her relax!
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    Got home today after a long day at work, found this in my driveway, knew right away who it was from, a friend of mine original owner, says all it needs is a carb cleaning, and a battery and she will run, nice original condition. Think im going to clean her up, some fresh decals and use her as a general yard tractor.
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    So in my Yahoo inbox today was an email from Photobucket.....I was never a big Photobucket user and haven’t accessed my account in probably 10 years. Established a new password and went scrolling. Mostly pics that I could care less about but this one caught my eye. I can’t tell you what year this was, maybe @nylyon can recall. Long story short Karl myself and Chris went on a road trip to Pennsylvania to pick up a “surprise tractor”. The young man on the right is Chris Sweetland, he actually started RedSquare as a high school project. That’s right! Hopefully his teacher gave him an A+ . Fun fact: Chris is member #1, he called me and asked me to join his tractor website so that he would have at least one member and that’s how I became member #2. Next to Chris is me, hands on my hips like I have attitude . Next guy is Dustin Messinger or DMESS he used to be a member here. I still talk with Dustin thru Facebook and Im picking up a parts tractor from him at the big show in a couple weeks. And last but not least, the character on the far right is our own Karl or Nylon. This was a great trip, my trailer, Karls Durango towing it, Chris sleeping for HOURS in the back seat and the C-160 surprise tractor! (Disclaimer; tractor in the pic is not the surprise tractor.)
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    After 50 years and three generations, this horse is training the fourth generation (it was their great grandfather’s lawn mower). With some luck, it’ll be around for their kids. (Notice the wash rags. They clean it before they drive it - good habits start young.).
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    Went to the show Friday, 6/7. Theme was J.Deere patio tractors, but there were just as many Wheel Horses. Had some flea market junk, lots of hit&miss engines, farm tractors, and garden tractors. Met a few WH collectors and some interesting tractors. I took the opportunity to go to the show because my son and his family recently moved to southern Indiana, but I don't think it was good enough show to go that far for again. Maybe it was just hampered by the rain forecast for Saturday.
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    Sort of like the president of a major corporation using a golden shovel to break ground for a new building. Two shovels full for the photographer and the off to the Country Club for some refreshment!
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    @AMC RULES @953 nut @pullstart @LengerichKA88 @Mows4three @wallfish @WHGuy413 @Herder @Lee1977 @PeacemakerJack @Achto @WHX24 @Ed KennellKennell @formariz @Vinylguy @buckrancher @stevebo @Sparky And... All those others that believe these above-listed characters that I never do anything. Ever.
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    With all the ponies I have it was about time I got something to take more than 1 or 2. 18 ft x 5 ft 2". Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo
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    Well little bit of history, heres a picture of me when i was 14 on a wheel horse c141 my neighbor owned. He found it in a junkyard and did a little restoration on it. He took me and his son to a tractor pull and let me run it. So that pic was taking 16 years ago. Well after that neighbor having moved away and the tractor being sold off (i didnt have the money he wanted for it) I never seen the tractor again.... Until! I found it sitting in a back yard rotting away. Spoke with the owner told him the history I had with it and what not, he told me "I'll tell you what you give me a big bottle of jack and shes yours. I know you'll take care of it and actually use it." So I'm happy to say shes mine! After all those years its cool to own the horse i got my start on.
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    Haha! Made ya look ! My two show put-puts for this years WH Show we’re still muddy from the spring Zagray show (especially the one I let @wallfish drive ). Broke out the electric pressure washer and gave both a good blasting. The front tire treads were the worst to clean. One less thing to do before the trip to PA
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    Picked this up this afternoon, hadn't been run in a few years, I got it started , but needs some carb cleaning /adjusting. Nice seller, had TONS of wheelhorse, going back for a 701 tomarrow, lil red dragon ranger didn't have enough room.....oh, and I didn't bring enough cashflow
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    The freebie....1975.one family owned.
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    Picked up the latest addition today 416-8 anniversary. Its not been worked for some time clutch pedal sticks so spring or damper to sort but generally it's a nice one.
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    Had a few friends over the house this morning, and decided to fire up some old iron for fun. Figured you'd all like some of these ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slKi-GJT1nQ
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    Spent the weekend over in Yorkshire at the above show. To say it's big would be an understatement. Set off at 7-15am on the Friday morning, and drove over in glorious sunshine, with four tractors on the trailer. Set up camp next to Meadowfield and family and that evening the heavens opened. Saturday was a bit damp with very slight drizzle all day, till around 5pm when it brightened up. Sunday was sunny and T-shirt weather. Some photo's of some of what was there. I took these Saturday morning before it got busy. I didn't realise how many I'd taken, so they'll be in more than one post and no specific order. To be continued.
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    Could not let em get crushed, this Red Face 310, I thought some one had just painted the hood but discovered 1985 came this way she needs work. Now the commando 8, got out of barn where she sat for 15 years after original owner had passed. She is still on my trailer covered in barn dust.
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    Just rescued from another junk dealer. Sat in his yard for 3 long years. Got it home safely and put charger on battery for 5 min and it fired right up. Now to give it an oil change and new fluid in transmission. And clean fuel system. Traded a cheap $65 "bang- bang" for it. This will be my new plowing snow toy. Number 5 in my growing collection.
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    Hello everyone. I was able to acquire a new tractor. This is my new C145. Picked it up from a great guy earlier this week. I was also able to get the plow blade with it. This is a great running tractor and it cuts great. I put it to work today. I'd like to thank everyone reference a post a while back when I was asking questions about what tractor to look at. This was my choice and I couldn't be happier.
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    Just picked this up over the weekend for $250, has the plow attachment, wheel weights and chains, new tires all around and rebuilt generator. Looks like someone sealed around the gas tank to stop a leak. Do they make PTO's for these? Also what kind of oil do these old Kohlers like? I'll be plowing with this and doing some grading. Thanks
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    Finally got around to putting together the stuff to make a hub puller, my neighbor turned this out for me on the lathe. Still took a lot of grunting, but got er done.
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    Actually it’s for my wife’s 1054 but I plan on putting one in Hank, my 953.
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    Burnt some midnight oil and get'n close now
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    Have been taking advantage of a lovely day (at last) and have been clearing weeds out of the wildlife pond... lots of newts frogs and creepy crawlies had to be put back in, love the pond ! there is another pond to go in alongside this one but will be bigger probably around 3rd of an acre when done... they attract so much wildlife its great just sitting there and watching what goes on , simple pleasures eh lol
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    Please welcome into the world by the Grace of God our little Noah Nathanael Sousa. Born at 11:52am, 9lbs 12 ounces. Mommy and baby are doing great. He is our fourth Grandchild.
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    Put the frontsie on the backsie and put two coats of etching primer on, figured I'd better stop before I messed up too badly, reevaluate some life choices and such....
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    Sure i could always use friends, just remember my friends drop off tractors at my house
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    I have been a St. Louis Blues fans since day one. I lived through the Red Berenson years, the Garry Unger years, the Bernie Federko/Brian Sutter era, saw Brett Hull score 86 goals, see the team win the President's Trophy, seen Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis defense years. I seen the team at it's worst when Emile Francis took over in the late 70s and saw Ralson Purina buy the team and rename the St. Louis Arena to the Checkerdome. I had to endure the Mike Keenan fiasco, and see The Great One come only to dissed the team for New York Rangers. After all that, to see the team teased the city and it's fans with great teams only to lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. Then, for the first time in the team's existence, from 1967 to now, to see the Blues actually win the Stanley Cup. It was almost as magical and unseemly as the Cubs winning the World Series. Finally!!!!!
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    Been nursing my little sequoia sapling I brought from California last year. It has grown already over 4 inches this year. When it gets substantially bigger have to find a good spot for it in the place here. Perhaps 1000 years from now it will be close in size to its parents? In NJ of all places. Just to clarify it. Sapling was bought in Souvenir shop at Sequoia National Park. It was not removed from area. They only asked that it not be planted in Park.
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    brought this home the other day i believe its a suburban 400 ive got the original k91 mower deck and blade for it the only things im missing are the belt guards heat shield and throttle plate and foot rest. im planing on doing a full restoration
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    Inheriting my grandfather's WH was what started the addiction for me 20 years ago. I hope my kids treasure it as much as I do.
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    Here's a couple additional pictures I didn't have space to upload in the main post.
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    Had a busy day recently , 99% NOS, spent all day with my dad cleaning out an old dealership, got the last of the good stuff!
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    Well I was just waiting here in the wings to chime in to see what the others had to say about your dilemma so here's my solutions. 1) Quit hanging out with guys that find free 520's with batteries put in backwards and does triple scores for 100 dollar runners that don't he need one cause he already has that model. 2) No more auctions for a cheap but cool piece that ain't really even a tractor or even a horse but gets passed off on the Missus as a mower. 3) Visit the guy that bought the nice ranch from under you down the road with lots of room and out.buildings with a bottle of whiskey and a .44 mag and ask him if he wants to reconsider his purchase. (Might be a last resort here). 4) Get a bro down the road who is a half a$$ed sliver wizard and get him to help build said addition/new barn. 5) Give all yer tractors away to bros (including the 'shutts) call it a day and take up needlepoint with a SIL who can teach you the finer stuff. Maybe have to dig out the metal slivers out of your eyes case you have to have an MRI for bad shoulders from grinding on and bench lifting K series but still safer than explaining a new to me to the Missus.. Just sayin ......my
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    Latest update Have all the parts assembled at once and it's really close now. The steering moves but the tolerances are too loose to keep it looking right. I'll be doing some more little things and sanding probably right up until I leave to head down on Wed but here she is. Thanks so much for all of the great compliments and following along on this little build.
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    Would it really be the Big Show without a little rain😉?! Ain’t none of us old geezers so sweet we’ll melt😂🤣😂!
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    Hi all. Maybe no one missed me, but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and still vertical to the ground. Sorry I haven't been around lately and have missed a lot of good stuff I'm sure, but have been dealing with some family emergencies that have put all things Wheel Horse on the back burner for the last few months. Today is the first that I have even logged into the website since I can't remember when. Anyway, just wanted to check in and say and hopefully can get back into active participation in the near future. And also did want to mention, if the stars align right, I am planning on attending the Big Show and hopefully get the opportunity to finally meet many of you in person.
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    So over the weekend I picked up a no-name eight horse power only to find out I think the motor is toast. But no avail I decided to take the foot rests off of it and put on to IRV ! It all bolts up pretty well. Now some might not like it because it’s not all original but I love it! Although I will have to do some more painting but the parts are rust free so should clean up really easily.
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    Gramma had one but she was real old too so she had to sell .....
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    Killin me. You guys are absolutely killin me. Although I have to admit I'm a little bit upset at you right now. Not because you made that remark but because you didn't give me that idea BEFORE I moved all that @#$&+ stone.
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    Pulled out some fence posts with my 400.
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    Cleaned up my”new” 42 inch mower deck and 1999 Wheel Horse 312-8 today!
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    Starting to put some color on my grandsons’ Ranger.
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    I was wait'n for the wise @ss comments and you didn't disappoint
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    The weather report will change 6 times before next Wednesday. I don't even bother checking the forecast until the Tues. before.
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    My buddy brought his 66 C10 in for four new tires and new shocks today...figured I’d share it with yall
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    This is from the window of my wife's sewing room.
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    Ouch! From my perspective, that muffler gives an all new level to the term nut roaster!!
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    I gotta rig up a front ball one of these day Horse Fan Put the 857 back together just to move it out the shop.Then cleaned up the shop abit and got the bike out of winter storage.. Axle bearings are going to have to wait on the 857 for another day. Worked on the'83 A-81 deck spindles.... all new bearings. Turns out they are the same very common B-1616 bearings and seals used in the 3 speed trannies. Plan is to make a high speed grass eatin beaver out of her! Z turns ain't gonna have nothin on her! FINALLY went to work on this deuce that @WVHillbilly520H was supposed to come over and finnish but he got no time! Got the upgrade bearing spacers made. Figured I best git at it since snow equipment is this years fearure at the BS....I know I know ... making a career out of this project but if @pullstart can make a project last a lifetime so can I 'Sides who wants to think snow in the summer! Was figuring @Achtowould get tired of seeing it in my garage and help out but nnnooooo ..he's too busy with new to hims! Just can't find good help these days!
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