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Switch Pto & Seat Safety Push-button 106268 List.jpg 1.0.0

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Pto push-button switch 106268 NO=Normally open

Taken from #492-4207 Electrical Service Manual


82-12o502* - Correct

82 -12o502 - Not correct

82-12o502 - Suspicious and not checked or determined yet


106268 Push-button switch for pto or seat used on

1978 models 81-18K801, 81-10K801, 81-12K801, 81-12KS01, 81-14K801, 81-14KS01, 81-16B801, 81-16BS01, 81-16K801, 81-16KS01, 81-16OS01, 81-20KS01, 82-08BP01, 82-11BP01


1979 models 91-08K801, 91-08K802*, 91-10K801, 91-10K802*, 91-11B801*, 91-11BS01*, 91-12K801, 91-12K802*, 91-12KS01*, 91-14K801, 91-14K802*, 91-14KS01*, 91-16B801, 91-16B802*, 91-16BS01, 91-16BS02*, 91-16K801*, 91-16KS01*, 91-16OS01, 91-20KS01, 91-20KS02, 92-08BF01, 92-11BF01, 92-11BP01


1980 models 01-08K801, 01-10K801, 01-11B803, 01-12K801, 01-12KE01, 01-12KS01, 01-14K801, 01-14KE01, 01-14KS01, 01-16K801, 01-16KE01, 01-16KS01, 01-16OS01, 01-17K801, 01-17KE01, 01-17KS02, 01-20KS00, 02-08BP01, 02-11BP02, 02-11BX01, 02-16BP01


1981 models 01-08K802, 01-10K802, 01-12K802, 01-12KE02, 01-14K802, 01-14KE02, 01-16K802, 01-16KE02, 01-17K802, 01-17KE01, 01-20KS00, 02-08BP02, 02-08BP03, 02-11BP03, 02-11BP04, 02-11BX02, 02-11BX03, 02-16BP02, 02-16BP03


1982 models 01-08K803*, 01-10K803*, 01 -11BH01, 01-12K803*, 01-14KE03*, 01-16KH01* for seat switch, 01-17K803*, 01-17KE02*, 01-19KE01*


1983 models 01-14KE04*, 01-17KE03*, 11-08K801*, 11-10K801*, 11-12K801*, 11-17K801*


1984 models 01-19KE02, 11-10K802, 11-12K802, 11-14KE01, 11-16K801, 11-17KE01


1985 models 21-10K801, 21-12K801, 21-14K801, 21-14KE01, 31-16K801, 31-17K801, 31-17KE01


1986 models 21-08K801, 21-08K802, 21-10K802, 21-10K803, 21-12K802, 21-12K803, 21-12KE01, 21-12KE2, 31-14K801, 31-16K802, 31-17K802, 31-17KE02, 31-20KE01













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