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Speed Reducer 1964-1966 SR-64 OM IPL #A-7140.pdf

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Uses 7-1/2" transmission driven pulley

(Original 5425 transmission pulley has 4" OD)

1586 belt replaced by 9714 (HA x 76" or 1/2" x 76")


By Wild Bill in Richmond VA

I was asked about the SR-64 Speed Reduction kit by a member here and I knew they made 2 versions, the first was for the early 1960's models and the second was for the late 1960's models. Well, what could be the difference I mean it consisted of a big 7-inch transmission drive pulley, 2 idler pulleys and a bent belt guard ???? Now the early 1960's Wheel Horse models did not use the metal tang at the lower front of the belt guard used to slow the belt speed down to shift gears and from 1965 and later Wheel Horse models used a 2-inch metal tang on the lower part of the belt guard up at the output pulley of the engine to slow the belt down. The belt guard was made with 2 front mounting points, 1 for the Tecumseh and 1 for the Kohler engines. With the 7-inch drive pulley the tractor could move at a much slower rate that would be needed for snow blowing or using a tiller.


Speed reducer 1961 model SR-62 - Added here so it is recorded

Speed reducer 1962 model SR-62 - Added here so it is recorded

Speed reducer 1963 model SR-62 - Added here so it is recorded

(SR-62 listed in the early attachment list and also in PSB #040 which we do not have)


Speed reducer 1964 model SR-64

Speed reducer 1965 model SR-64

Speed reducer 1966 model SR-64

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