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The diagnosis



The results of the tests were that I had a subdural, epidural hematoma's as well as air on the brain however the bleeding had stopped and I didn't require surgery. I was placed in Intensive care which is really just another name for wake up every 30 minutes for more tests. I was kind of like a celebrity at the hospital because everyone want to see the man who survived getting their head run over by a truck!

While in ICU, I was subjected to numerous tests and evaluations. Aside from what was already mentioned, my eye sight was still 20 20, motor function perfect. One nurse took my hand and asked me to squeeze as hard as I could. I told her that she really didn't mean that, but she insisted so I obliged. I squeezed quite forcibly for a second then let go, and her only response was "show off!".

I had one nurse who was a beautiful young girl, and during any test that they would perform she would hold my hand. I told her that I was very lucky that the injury left me with double vision because I got to see two of her. She laughed and said I must have undetected brain damage (but I didn't)

After 2 days in ICU I was moved to a private suite where the care wasn't nearly as good. Being tired of peeing in the little plastic container I decided to get up to go to the bathroom. Did you know that the hospital beds are equipped with sensors that create an alarm when you get up? Well quite quickly several nurses came to the room trying to stop me.

On my last day at the hospital, I needed to complete a mobility test to check my balance and walking skills. In the 5 minute evaluation, I was cleared to go home!


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