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The Injury



As you can imagine an F250 Diesel is quite heavy and I sustained numerous life threatening injuries. The impact broke my skull in 5 places, broke my temporal bone on the left side injuring the 7th nerve, paralyzing my face and 6th nerve damage causing severe double vision. On the right side I sustained multiple fractures to the facial bone and internally suffered both epidural and subdural hematoma's. ALL of this was immediate.

It was mentioned before I was home alone when this occurred. The damage was severe, as was the internal and external bleeding. I was mostly unable to see because of the damage to the 6th nerve, but the rest of my body was functional. I ran into the house, grabbed the phone and thankfully able to call 911, then got back outside.

I went outside because I sincerely thought this was it and I didn't think that I would make it. Since my kids were at school, they would also be the first home, and I would much rather have a passerby find my body than have my children make the discovery.

First on the scene was a occupational health manager for IBM Fishkill, who heard the dispatch while passing by my street on his way to work. He stayed with me, keeping me calm until the ambulance arrived. Mind you, I was still fully conscience but still thinking I would die. At this point, I couldn't see, my left ear was completely deaf and I was losing a substantial amount of blood.

The ambulance arrived, and I heard them talking about what to do with me. They wanted to air lift me to Westchester Hospital who's trauma center is better, but they didn't think I had long to live so they elected to transport me via Ambulance to Danbury hospital. It took almost no time before they had me in the ambulance, and I remember them asking permission to cut my clothes off and my reply, are you serious, please do what you need to do. I heard the rumble of the tires hitting the gutter rumble strips on I84 as the ambulance passed on the left and right, and we got to the hospital in record time.

There was a team of specialists waiting for my arrival and they began to prod, poke, examine me in every way possible. By this time signs of external bleeding had stopped, and they were interested in the internal head injuries which were severe enough that the head of Neuro Surgery was called in to examine me. Numerous CT Scans later, the decision was to place me in ICU and monitor me with CT Scans every 4 hours. I'm sure I glow by this point.

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