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Cub Cadet 73

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Started working in a 73 Cub I picked up this summer. Of course it is supposed to run, they always do, right? LOL!


Well, I have a good motor out my stock puller that will make a good runner. I only give $75 buck for this tractor and want to spend as little as possible, sooooo, I will use what I have to put it together and make a good plowing tractor out of it. Here are some pics. Someone was going to make a puller out of it. 



KIMG0316 (1).JPG

Ok, here are some current pics. I have it in the shop, up on my workbench. I have the hood at my work straightening it out a bit and will put some paint on it. I will probably rattle can rest of it for now. I need a worker and don't want to spend any money. 


I am putting some headlights out of 149 in it that I had laying around. Also dug into the parts bin and put a lift on it and brinley hitch. 






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7 hours ago, RandyLittrell said:

use what I have

Well done.

My honey and I do this with Everything as often as possible.

Sometimes I take it as a challenge to do any given thing with as little money as possible.

Build, fix, maintain, repair, install, whatever... ourselves.

We enjoy it.


Keep the  :text-coolphotos:  coming !!

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I like the narrow frames Cubs, and like the looks of that style that the 73 has, as well as the 71, 72, etc.  Of course, I really like the style of the 70 and 100 tractors.  A friend of mine has over 20 Cub Cadets, mostly narrow frames, from Originals, 70s, 100s, 122s, etc.  He did say he may sell one of his Originals, but I never really like the Original, they just sit and drive too low for my taste.

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