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5 hours ago, Vinylguy said:

hoping I have some feeling when it is done healing.

Took over a year to get total feeling back when I nearly cut the end off one of mine and they sewed it back on. That was about twenty years ago and now you can't even tell it happened. The bone looks a little strange in an X-ray but it did grow back together, just not straight.

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You must have really been using a lot of force on that blade to do that much damage - did this while working with vinyl ?? It should heal pretty good , be glad it didn't get into the bone or a tendon . Your hands will retrain themselves , so that's a plus - hoping for a speedy recovery .



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On 12/12/2017 at 3:33 PM, JPWH said:

I think we both learned the hard way. I also have one finger a little shorter. 40 years now and it still has not grown back.lol


Dam Jay, All this time I believed you were giving me a big thumbs up sign when riding by at the big show. 

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