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417-A starts but when I turn it off, I can't restart it immediately

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I have a 417-A that I suspected had a bad battery (kept loosing a charge, went down to 10V after a few days after recharge). NAPA diagnosed it with bad cell and I got a new battery which reads 12.7 hooked up to the tractor.  I hooked up the new battery and it fired up no problem.  When I started the tractor the first time with the battery it charged up to 14.1V but when I turn it off it will not start right back up.  The engine does not even attempt to turn over and the "Clutch Pedal" light will flash.  If I wait 5 mins, I will be able to start the tractor up no problem.  Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?

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Sounds like a safety switch. I'm not familiar with the 417-A, but if there is a safety interlock switch on the pedal, it may be slow to close, causing the start circuit to be OPEN, and the Clutch Pedal light to flash.


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Should be 2 of these switches on the tractor. One to detect when the tractor/transmission is in neutral position and the other will guess for the parking brake. Perhaps you can switch them to isolate the problem.



110970 switch.jpg

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