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416-8 speed water in oil.....

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1.)  Shift boot torn.

2.)  Dipstick rusted from water in oil.

3.)  Oil is milky and smells foul.  

4.)  Will never be able to find out how long prior owner left it like this.


Is this tranny even worth using with a fluid flush and new boot?  It sounds good, and shifts great, but will the rust inside destroy it over time?  I am well versed in flushing with kero and changing the oil.  Just unsure of its durability at this point.

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The only cost to you would be a few gallons of kerosene, and a $8 shift boot.  I had one in similar condition a few years ago and...suprisingly... the gears inside cleaned up very good.  Most of the rust is from the cast iron trans case halfs.... the rust hits them firts and...seemiingly...sacrafices itself for the life of the hard steel gears.  check out these old pics of mine 

0629- 003.jpg

0629- 005.jpg

0629- 006.jpg

box- 011.jpg

box- 019.jpg

box- 053.jpg

box- 056.jpg

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Presuming the axle bearings aren't sloppy I would say flush it and see what it is like after. Even if you were going to open it up right away you would want to flush it first. After the flush you can hear how it sounds in each gear and decide what it's fate will be.

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                                                                         :text-yeahthat:     You probably would do this, but others reading tis may not.


Jack up the front end while draining.   After filing, jack up both rear wheels and run the tractor thru all  the gears  and make sure both wheels are turning to ensure all gears are being washed.   Repeat this as many times as necessary until the kerosene comes out clean.  Then repeat with cheap 30w motor oil. 

Then drain and fill with proper gear oil.

PS  I reuse the Kero for future parts cleaning and the oil to lube chain saw bars.

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