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Advice on a purchase

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Hello all!  I am going to look at a WheelHorse c160 this weekend, but before I do, I felt like I should consult you Oracles for advice.  I've read much of your posts here and you guys are obviously the experts with the Wheelhorse.  First I will show you what I am looking at, then I will share my I plan to use it for.  I'd like your opinions on the tractor, my thinking on my intended uses, and any critiques or advice you might give to a person in my situation.


First, here's a link to Craigslist what I am looking at:  https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/grd/d/77-wheel-horse-garden-tractor/6291885054.html

It wasn't until I did some searching on this tractor that I realized how cool Wheel horses are.  I have no experience with any garden tractor and only recently felt like I needed one.


I recently bought 30 acres of mostly pasture land that I will renovate for hay fields. I plan to contract out the renovation on about 29 acres. The reason I need the tractor is to mow about 1 acre of common areas that are not all together - there is a loop around a couple of ponds, a few areas in and around trees, and a little road around the perimeter of the property.  I am also going to need to spray these common areas, and we'll eventually cultivate a small garden.


I was thinking this Wheel Horse would be fun to own and do the jobs intended.  I could also see myself restoring this tractor as a project in the winters for me and my 2 girls to work on.  I expect to get my hands dirty with some repairs, but I am ok with that.


My questions are:

1.  Is it a good deal?

2.  Is my thinking sound on the intended uses?

3.  Do you see anything I am misguided on?

4.  Other opinions?





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:WRS:        That looks like a super deal. A cast Iron Kohler and an eight speed manual transmission will take on anything you can throw at it. I love the idea the you will have your daughters involved in the project.  :handgestures-thumbupright:

The price is right and you better grab it before someone beats you to it.


1977 Wheel Horse C-160, 8-speed, 16 hp Kohler that runs strong, no-smoke...new battery, tie rod, blades. $500 Cash Only.

Like Craig said, posting the link is a no-no, but you can copy text and photos which I just did for you.

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953 Nut, I appreciate the advice and information.  Very sorry for the link post.  Won't happen again.  I am looking forward to buying the tractor and visting/contributing to the site as a new member.  Thanks again!!!
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As noted, and as your new to site, we can't link to CL or other sites.


So 1st, welcome to the forum.


2nd, C160 is a preferred tractor for their strength and durability and this one looks well cared for considering its age and environment.


3rd If that tractor was elsewhere it would sell for more easily. But make sure you fire it up and that it truly does not smoke or have engine knock.


4th, easily will handle mowing. You will need both a furough (plow) and tiller Implements to garden efficiently but the tractor will easily handle them.


again, welcome and good luck 

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I saw that one recently, very nice. Check it out , p ice probable has a little room for haggling.  Get it if it looks good so I'm not tempted:woohoo:    After all it's on;y 4 hours from me:auto-dirtbike:.  

Wheel Horses and their attachments are in a little short supply in Texas, but over time I've seen most things come up for sale.

Bring it to the Tractor Show in Temple Tx Oct 7th.  Some of us will be there and it's one of the biggest shows in Texas.  


Before you run it check the transmission to make sure it's not full of water. (dip stick is under the seat.) 



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Don't sweat the link thing......but if it happens again we come git your tractors! :lol::ychain:

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That 16hp will throw you off the back of that racing striped seat if you pot the clutch

.  Splurge on a high back seat from Norther Tool or Tractor Supply and you will really really love that tractor.  Enjoy making it your own :woohoo:  The madness begins

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Check that the hubs are tight on the rear axles. Check trans fluid for water. Get Kohler engine warmed up and listen for unusual noises at idle very carefully. Offer him $300, and work from there. Not sure those are the right size rear tires????

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    • By OILUJ52
      For Sale; C160A runs good, good hydro. Recently installed rebuilt, repairable hydraulic lift cylinder, front axle pin is new. Tires have cracking but hold air. Battery is weak. Seat has a couple tears. 1822hrs on the meter.
      I have another hood with straighter metal but no decals, you can pick the one you want.
      Another question, was the transmission mount repaired? Yes, I included a photo of the repair. Looks like it was done some time ago.
      I have to many projects if interest send a pm.
      I apologize, I didn't have my glasses on when I looked at the hour meter, I changed it from 1600 + to 1822 actual.


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      I am replacing the needle bearing in the axle of my c160 auto. I have found the B-1816 bearings on motion industries. There are two listed, the B-1816 and B-1816OH (Oil hole). Am I correct in thinking the normal one is correct? 
      Also what thickness of gasket paper is best for making the gaskets for the transmission case and motor to case? 
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      Well, most of the regulars here are aware I will be relocating this Spring/Summer. I had hoped to take the remaining collection of tractors with me. However more and more it is becoming obvious that this plan wont work out for numerous reasons. As such, once I make up my mind as to which one to keep, I will be posting the remainder as well as most parts etc up for sale in the Forum Classifieds and CL.
      As I hope shows in poll info, I have 2 Stage Blower, Restored 48 & 60 inch(195) decks, 54 inch blade, GT14 style Tiller and a project Sickle Bar. The Sickle BAr can likely be made to work on the GT14 style tractors and the C160.
      I enjoy working on them but as I get older I may not have time or ability to do so. As such, maintenance and parts and ease of use of a single tractor are part of the equation.
      A couple of these I have poured a lot of time into but I am not emotionally tied to them and I believe if I relocate back east where Grass and tractor need becomes more necessary, I can re-create them.
      So help me out with my decision. 
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      I bought it in 1983 from my neighbor. He was the manger of a large truck, and wheel horse tractor, sales & service company and he bought it new. He had it maintained at his shop. I only used it for mowing my lawn from 83 to about 2011. It's been sitting in a dry shed, no gas or battery, for the last 4 years. I maintained myself it since 83, changing oil about every ten hours, transmission drained and filter changed once a year. Regular greasing of all bearings. I was thinking of restoring it so replaced most front and mid hitch parts with NOS parts over the last 4 years. Also new hoses, new front tires and tie rods. Only thing missing is original cig litter knob. Just needs fresh gas and a new battery. Also 48" mower deck in very good mechanical condition. Many spare parts, including 3 brand new Wheel Horse bearings. Good tractor for restoration.

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      I've been busy in my spare time working on this hitch idea. I bought an unfinished sleeve hitch from Wheelhorseman1000 (btw, Lowell makes a great product and sells them too cheap). The cylinder is a factory Horse deck lift cylinder. I'm waiting for my o-ring kits to rebuild and stack two more spool valves (total of three valves). Then after I build some hoses, I'm all set. This has been an enjoyable project.