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Did I blow up my K532?

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It's pretty common for folks to install electric pumps to replace obsolete mechanical pumps or to eliminate issues with fuel tank placement in later models - not sure if the mods want to make a sticky thread for this or not - that drawing is spot-on for how to plumb everything properly to make it work . Some tanks it would be pretty easy to add another port for the return line to the tank - I didn't want to risk causing a problem on the D's bigger metal tank and mine is in really good shape other than a couple of nice dents . A dedicated return port is the best way and they can be added anywhere to a tank , even at the top next to the fuel filler cap - just use a gasketed bulkhead fitting - but make sure you can get a wrench on it . Other option on metal tanks is to have someone braze/weld a thick bung onto the tank , then bore/tap it for 1/8" NPT fittings for the line . It's nice to have a return line and a common and easily obtained fuel filter to provide that option - we've used this setup on a lot of different types of equipment , especially ones known for vapor lock .



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