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ok need suggestions darn wheel hubs?all

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all right if it were you with a half worn hub that keeps loosening up, tried thread lock, double jam nuts, and i can't seem to find a reasonably priced hub...................not paying $100 for one so anyway wanted some opinons on what if i drilled straight through hub and shaft applied threads on both sides what actual harm would it be? the only other thing i could think of is fill in the scoured area with weld maybe try to fill in and recut keyway?

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The first thing that comes to mind is to drill and tap a second (or even third) set screw hole in your hub at least 90* apart. Also, when you tighten the set screw and jam nut don't over tighten the jam nut, it could pull the set screw up slightly.

Presuming the key way in the axle is the problem you could repair it like @Ed Kennell did it this thread.


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well i guess that will be my next try.....i admitt i have had some good loads on there too i've been pulling too pulling alot other brand dead tractors....thanks there nut!


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