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    C-120 auto(1974) My worker mower, blower, puller
    C-160 auto(1975)dually with hydro lift My parade horse(199
    314 hydro (1995) W/ 36" front mounted MAD MAX tiller
    1991 312 Classic hydro w/ cab and 48" snow plow
    1986 417A worker
    C-101 (1978) Redone
    Raider 12 (1970) Mowing worker
    Raider 9 Low Rider Rat Rod
    Commando 8 (1968) Redo buff and oil paint wheels
    875 hydro (1965) .MTD Seven Hundred w/deck 1969
    520 H Tall chute blower, vented belt guard, heated cab w/lights, foot feed, wheel weights, loaded tires, rear weights, chains front and rear, seat and fenders lifted .
    C-160 8speed
    C-105 8 speed
    417 hydro project
    1963 Craftsman Snow Blower w/ 3HP Techy
    1964 2500 watt Onan Idle-Matic Generator
    42"mower SD
    48" mower SD
    42" mower RD
    48" roller
    48" blade mounted on 4 wheeler
    36" drop fertilizer
    30" dethatcher
    36" front plow mount tiller
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    Felton ,Pa
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    Retired from Allis Chalmers and Voith hyrdo
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    bow hunt deer and turkey PA
    fish and crab Delaware bay
    boating 19' Carolina Skiff
    My four grandsons 14,14,15,17
    baseball, basketball, football, and music concerts
    feedin and groomin the HORSES

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  1. Ed Kennell

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    I gave up the fight years ago. Realized it was impossible to explain this to the anti-hunters..... the joy of spending hundreds of hours in the woods attempting to harvest a specific animal and if you are successful, the satisfaction, reverence, and prayer giving thanks for the opportunity to harvest and process the animal to feed family and friends.. Some will never understand the difference between a hunter and a poacher. Excuse the rant, but while I'm on the soap box, one other peeve is the newspaper headlines after deer season. TWO HUNTERS DIE FIRST DAY OF PA DEER SEASON In the fine print details...one was a result of a car crash on the way to camp, one was a heart attack walking to the outhouse,
  2. Ed Kennell

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    That would also work.
  3. Ed Kennell

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    That will work Jeff. Just cut the hide off behind the front legs, then make the cut on the top of the neck to the center of the antlers. Cut the back half of the hide here behind the front legs. Then skin the front half by making the slitting cut on the top of the neck. Most of these small bucks I've taken that didn't warrant a shoulder mount were caped out and sold to local taxidermists for use on mounts were the cape had been ruined by neck and head shots and cut throats.
  4. Ed Kennell

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    Exactly what I thought when I saw the Picture Jeff. European skull mounts are popular and not as expensive.
  5. Ed Kennell

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    Way to go Jeff. That's a good one. And you didn't even have time to get cold.
  6. Ed Kennell

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    And against the law here in PA.
  7. Ed Kennell

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    Thanks Garry, I knew I read this somewhere.
  8. Ed Kennell

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    I have 4 tractors with the Eaton 1100 When the temp is low, one takes 10 minutes to lift and the other three lift in 1 minute. All four tractors work fine. I have seen a bulletin from WH stating to prevent damage, the tractors with the Eaton 1100 should be warmed up for 10 minutes before use.
  9. Ed Kennell

    Dragged home a Work Horse

    Careful Cleat.....when it fires up, don't let the PTO yank the hood support chain. Good deal, she could turn out to be a real stallion.
  10. Ed Kennell

    42" deck rebuild

    When I rebuild decks, I always add 1/16" steel reinforcement plates inside the deck at the wheel carriage brackets. Then bolt the bracket thru the deck and the new plate. These plates can also usually be made to cover the rust holes.
  11. to the Bob. Great intro and pictures.... BUY IT, in my area plows sell for 150 bucks. You get a free tractor. As stated above, the 8HP Kohler is a great easy starting engine. I am not a fan of the rocker plate engine mounts, but that is a fine tractor.
  12. I bought a blower drive pulley at TSC for my tall chute. I actually replaced the stock pulley with a 1/2" smaller dia. pulley for two reasons. 1. The P220 Onan in my 520 sounds and feels better at 3200 RPM than 3600. So at 3200 the smaller pulley keeps the auger turning at the same speed as stock pulley at 3600 engine RPM. 2. I can now replace the blower belt w/o loosening the bearing block.