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Lawn Ranger C-121

Specs/dimensions UniDrive (5053?) input pulley

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I have a '78 C-121.  The 8 speed stopped engaging, all gears.  A friend is going to rebuild it and gave me a Uni-Drive, supposedly a 5053 out of a 1966 1056, to use in the meantime.   With all the info and pics I've looked at on this forum, I believe that to be correct.  

Here's the issue...input pulley.  I just went to put this thing together with the substitute 5053 trans and...there's no drive input pulley on it.  He's on vacation so, I can't get the one off of my 8 speed, if it would even fit.  Local Toro dealer basically gave me a blank stare.  

I (and the Toro dealer) cannot find any info/specs/diagrams for this, just the internal parts.

What are the specs for the 5053 drive input pulley?  I know it's a 3/4" shaft so, I.D./bore is 3/4".  What's the O.D.?  Sheave/belt width?
Anybody have one for sale?  

All help appreciated!

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I believe what you are looking or is a 7232 pulley, OD is 4" and takes a 1/2" drive belt. The pulley is not shown on the transmission IPL, it is shown on the tractor IPL. They are around and plenty as they are a common pulley.

picture here in this thread


contact @daveoman1966the author of that thread ..bet he has one or http://a-ztractor.com/ will have one for sure.


:text-imsorry: excuse my manners....:WRS:

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7232 is for the early 6-speed models for a 5/8" shaft.

1611 used on the 856 is also 4" but for a 3/4" shaft and uses a #9 Woodruff key and 1/2" belt. I think the 5425 pulley for the 1056 was the same but used a longer belt. Don't know why the part number is different - there has to be something.

856 and 1056 both used the 5053 transmission.



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You may not want to use what those 1/2" pulleys and find a 5/8" since that's what your drive belt is on the C-121 :)

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Thank you for the help guys!  I'm looking for a 1611.  I'm not going to worry about the belt width difference, as this is supposed to be a temporary situation.  (Yeah, I just jinxed it.  I know!)

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