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  1. daveoman1966

    Belt won't fit

    I have several 1594 belts in good shape... can be in your mailbox for $15 each
  2. daveoman1966

    Belt won't fit

    You got the wrong belt. You need belt # 1594 which is 107" long...about $25 at dealers or online belt 106125 is fopr a 42" deck..
  3. daveoman1966

    310-8 brake band

    Clamp it...When dry and released, the steel band will 'recoil' perfectly enough to retain its shape, just clear of the brake drum.
  4. I've bought many Wheelhorse parts at this website. These are the best prices I've found too...for new parts, that is. http://www.psep1.biz/arinet.asp?aribrand=TO# I have quite a lot of good used parts...depending on what you need. my direct email is: daveoman@windstream.net
  5. daveoman1966

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    yes... This is it.. I can put it in your mailbox for $27.50
  6. daveoman1966

    Spindle hub bearing removal

    Kinda.... There is a bushing inside the spindle. Use a long 3/8 extension bar to 'cock' that bushing sideways...as much as you can....then tap the ext bar with a hammer, with the end of it just catching the edge of the bearing...on the end where you removed the clip... Do this from side to side, until the bearing drops out. It is a greasy mess.
  7. daveoman1966

    Add Springs To Seat?

    The 3 sets of springs in the above pic were MINE...sold them on Ebay. I do have ANOTHER set like them ...AND the Seat Plate to use in mounting your cushion seat to accommodate the use of these springs. Here are a few pics. For price quote...send me an OFF-SITE email... my email address is: daveoman@windstream.net
  8. daveoman1966


    You need belt # 108834. One...only One. It runs from the engine PTO, out around the front axle, back under to the pulley, then loops back around the front axle, and to the PTO pulley again. It is item # 41 in this schematic ...
  9. daveoman1966


    If a 42" REAR discharge deck, the belt is # 108834. If it is 42 or 48 SIDE disch, the belt is # 102742 or 94-2501 (new # ). You should buy the OEM belt as aftermarket belts...IMHO....are inferior and make less than optimum geometric fit.
  10. daveoman1966

    snapped lever deck carriage assembly

    It is easy enough to straighten that bent shaft (axle). Just hold a block of wood against it and hammer it back straight. The shaft bracket is welded to the main 3/4" axle and you'd have to replace the whole match, unless you can cut and weld.
  11. daveoman1966

    B 100 10 HP Kohler throttle setup

    This otter dew it.
  12. daveoman1966

    Missing Sheet Metal Piece

    Here's that cover plate... not bent or beat up... I'll let YOU make it PRETTY...
  13. daveoman1966

    Missing Sheet Metal Piece

    I have that cover plate.....pm sent.
  14. daveoman1966

    snapped lever deck carriage assembly

    Here is that part...item # 16. I have one. PM sent with price and delivery.
  15. daveoman1966

    What kind of wheel weights are these

    I had a set like that...they were on a Boles H16xl. Sold years ago... what is the weight of each one??