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Engine identification with just numbers?

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 If I come across an engine, a Koehler for instant… And I have the model number and the spec number, how do I tell what it came out of and if it will fit in a Wheelhorse, or a cub cadet, or something like that? I think I saw something like this a while back somewhere, but I failed to save if the link for it.  Can someone point me in the right direction for that reference? 

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If its a K series or even later and the price is right just get it and sort out the details later! They all had pretty much the same block.  Some differences in the oil pan, SG mounting, and other minor things come to mind. If it came out of a cub or JD it might have been mounted 90 degrees from our :wh: 's Either way there are usually enough parts & know how here  to fit it in a horse. The manuals have a good description of how the model/spec numbers read as well. Best bet is to snap some pics and bring them back here for PI (positive identification)!

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