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Kohler 321PT on my Raider 10?

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I recently acquired a Kohler K321PT. I want to put it on my Raider 10 but it has a recoil starter. My question is can I put an electric start on this motor and will it bolt up to my Raider 10 to replace the Tecumseh hh100

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:text-welcomeconfetti: to the :rs:Postal.      I'm afraid I don't have the answers you need, but hopefully someone will be here soon to help.


The 321PT    P =pump model and T=recoil start.    The crankshaft output size may be larger than the HH100 requiring a different drive pulley and PTO.

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For electric start you may need a new flywheel to get a ring gear.  Also if you want a charging system .  If you want charging will also need a stator and regulator

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:WRS:     Many pump engines have a tapered crank shaft on the output side. You will need to make a mounting plate or (presuming it is the big block) find an oil sump with mounting holes on the bottom like this one.5980f54004c2b_Jaysoilpan005.JPG.e30ed2b903800a6ad8b3ddee65a1511d.JPG

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