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Will a deck from a lawn ranger work on a 606?

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The title pretty much sums it up.  I picked up lawn ranger? carcass for $20 in hopes the deck will work on my 606.  It looks like they both use the attach-o-mattic, but I could be wrong.


Any help is appreciated.  Also if anyone needs parts let me know. It doesn't have an engine, fuel tank, hood, front rims, or probably other things too.  (Maybe I should just list what it does have, might be shorter)




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I think you could .  The Lawn ranger deck hangs from 4 flat steel bars that bolt directly to the frame...no tachmatic if the same holes were in the 606 frame you cold use them or drill your own.  You would need to remove the PTO from the 606 as the Ranger  has a  different drive system.  A single belt that goes directly from engine to deck cross shaft, engagement/disengagement is done on the deck itself.  You would also need to find fabricate a belt guard (bent rod) that lets the deck belt disengage similarly to how the tranny belts disengages. It mounhs directly to the engine.

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Not sure the 4 steel bars would work since the frame on a lawn ranger sits lower than that of a 606 

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2 hours ago, rdeanrj58 said:

Not sure the 4 steel bars would work since the frame on a lawn ranger sits lower than that of a 606 

Good point...maybe longer bars???

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Thanks everyone.   I took a good close look at it today,  with the help of my son,  20170801_112146.jpg

and decided I'll sell the deck.  


Then we went for a ride around the yard and all was good. 

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