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Has anyone converted a 520-8 over to gear reduction steering? 

Some questions if you have:

1. Does the motor have to come out?

2. Since the 520-8 has a swept axle, do I just need the lower steering shaft and gear box out of the donor?

3. Anything I am missing or should this be a simple swap?


Thanks in advance!

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You'll need upper and lower steering shaft. Probably need to pull the engine. At least raise it up some....

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Don't have to raise engine. I did mine couple weeks ago and wasn't too bad a job. Need everything from steering column to shaft where tie rods bolt to (can't think of name). I took battery/tray and dash out to install it. Took couple hours, but mine too lil longer cause had to tighten up some free play. 

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    • By chucksterock
      I am looking for the gear reduction steering assembly from a 520.  Need at least the upper and lower shafts, mounting pedestal and fasteners and front bearing.  Willing to consider package deals to include front swept axle and big spindles and tie rods too.
      Located in north eastern Ohio.
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      I have a 1973 Automatic (16hp) and the steering wheel is broken inside and I need to replace it.  
      Peter Guyton
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      Looking for complete setup. Lemme know what you got!!! PM or call/text (easier) 607-240-9706.....
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      How do you adjust the steering gear? My 606 will only turn right!? Can't turn left because it runs out of splines
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      Lowered the price a bit.  Kind of surprised I still have these since two 520-h's just changed hands on these classifieds after being advertised for $1750 apiece.  For another $600 you get a 520-8 speed and a second 520h. 
      If if you have room, the buyer can also have the hydroject. 
      I think this probably works out to about 60-cents a pound. 
      This is a package deal for three 520 tractors.  All have been sitting and will need some attention.  All need batteries.  A few details about each:
      1. 1988 520H.  Has wiring issues but does start and run.  Starter drags and doesn't always let go when the engine fires.  Throttle cable is broken so it only runs at wide open throttle.  has a 48" deck that I have never used.  Previous owner was mowing with it before I bought it so I guess it is OK.   Previous owner was in Augusta, MO
      2.  1994 (I think) 520-H.  60" deck.  Has clevis hitch on the back.  Tractor starts and runs good.  Paint is faded. Throttle control doesn't stay up unless you hold it.  We were mowing with this every once in a while.  Solid tractor.  One rear tire leaks pretty fast and goes flat in a few days.  Previous owner was in Mexico, MO.
      3.  1990 520-8.  60" deck.  You all know how rare and desirable these things are, so I don't need to make up a story about that.  Tractor ran great when parked several years ago.  Start function of keyswitch has been bypassed and replaced with a push button by previous owner (?).  Previous owner was a retreat camp for a Synagogue in Baltimore, MD area.  Discharge area of deck has been trimmed a bit, I presume to let grass come out easier.  I hooked it up to jumper cables and got nothing...no cranking, nothing.  Engine spins free by hand.  My 30 second experiment was the end of the adventure.  I want it gone.
      Only the tractors and decks are included.  Other stuff you see in the pictures (like the Deere wagon) are not included.
      $2500 for the set.  I don't want to separate yet. 
      Bonus item:  you can also have the Onan P224G 24-hp twin in the Toro Hydroject aerator I also have.  You have to take the aerator, but you'll want it anyway after you see it and its electric lift actuator and 5000 psi water pump.  It also has hydraulic drive and some cool things.  But has electrical problems...I bought it for the engine.   I thought an awesome custom would be a 520/C195 mongrel from Eldon with a 24hp Onan.
      Two of these three are sitting on my trailer in the building where I work and the other will fit in the truck bed.  I can head 75 miles from St. Louis in any direction to meet you if you like, but I don't trust my old piece of crap truck much further from home than that.
      PM if you're interested.