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ignition switch

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Hey Guys, I am having an issue with my 520H. I parked it a while back to change the deck and when I went to start it it wouldn't crank over.  I checked the battery, safety switches and connections and they were ok. I happened to swap out the old ignition with a new one and the tractor started and ran great thru probably a dozen on/off cycles. I ran it last night, turned it off and when I went to start it, it wouldn't turn over and start. I'm thinking that its a much bigger issue and am open to suggestions. Thanks guys!

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  • Another place is that pesky fuse block 
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With any electrical problem the first step is to clean and tighten ALL electrical connections including grounds.

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      Hi All,
      Looked on the site (and YouTube) and can't find anything comprehensive about adjusting valves without taking things apart - most are with engine removed I don't want to do.
      Can you adjust the valves with engine on by just taking off the air cleaner unit to expose the valve covers and take the plugs out?
      Can Top Dead Center be found without removing anything else or does the flywheel canopy have to be removed?
      I've adjusted valves on cars, etc and it's easy and straightforward - but I don't want to have to take anything apart that's unneccesary.
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      I was talking to my colleague the other day and I knew he had a wheel horse tractor. He was having issues with the transmission leaking fluid and there is a bad hub. But other than that it is in decent shape considering it has 2100+ hours on it. Needless to say he bought a new zero turn and no longer needs his horse so he gave it to me for FREE! He was the original owner and has all the original paperwork. It is a 1991 520h and I am still shocked how quiet it is compared to my Raider 12.
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