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Wheelhorse identification help needed

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Hi I'm new to this forum based in the U.K. And have just acquired a wheel horse as a small restoration project 

I'm having trouble working out what model it is as the model number brings nothing up with it 92-14bf-91 if anybody can spread some light on it thanks

ive added some photos had to remove the steering wheel to fit it into my car .




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Welcome to the forum.

The 9 is for 1979.

The 2 is for lawn tractor as opposed to garden tractor.

Will guess the 14 in the model number is a 11 for a 11 hp engine.

B=Briggs & Stratton engine

F=Foote transmission.

The 91 on the end is common on Belgium built models and a parts list identifier.

There was also a B-111 4-Speed in 1979 but it used a Peerless transmission identified with a P instead of an F in the model number.


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