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RJ58 with one heavy haul!

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    • By CasualObserver
      Operator manual
      6 pages 3.73MB
      IPL #A-7136
      Includes PSB #023 #052 #058 #060 #080
      10 pages 938.48KB
      Transmission drive belt 1567 - (4L x 29" or 1/2" x 29")
      Details & Attachments
      2 pages 107.33KB
      1958 model RJ-58
      1958 serial numbers that have shown up for the RJ-58
      Early models used Kohler K90T-27107D equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter.
      03501 - Located in UK
      03796 - Kohler K90T-27107D with serial 364044 equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter.
      06528 - May be 16528
      07649 - Transmission J12-8 October 12, 1958
      11628 - # 3521 spline gear with 10 splines changed to 11 splines in 5003 and 5010 transmissions at serial # 11628 PSB #023
      16528 - May be 06528
      18500 and lower 
      Late 1958 units came with a Kohler K-91T-31307A equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter.
      Details & Attachments
      2 pages 106.94KB
      1959 model RJ-59
      1959 serial numbers that have shown up for the RJ-59
      Early 1959 units came with a Kohler K-91T-31307A equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter.
      18501 and up - Possible 1100 units built
      Late model RJ-59 tractors with a Kohler would have a K-91T-31388A with the Fairbanks recoil starter and paper air filter element. The 31388A was also used on the 1960 Suburban 400.
    • By Clay Dodson
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    • By RJ59
      Hi guys my name is Zac, I'm new to the forum and currently restoring my first Wheel Horse, I believe it is one of the late RJ models, (RJ-58 or 59) the serial tag is missing so I'm not sure (let me know what you think).
      Before it was given to me it was my great grandfather's and he was the original owner and he died before he could restore it, my grandmother had someone els work on the tractor but they lost most of the parts one the engine and never finished the job, thankfully didn't touch the rest of the tractor and she gave it to me and I am restoring it for her.
      The engine like I said was missing parts like the serial tag and flywheel guard and recoil and I can't tell what kind of engine it is, I know an original engine for a 58 or 59 is a Kohler K90 or
      Clinton B-1290 or the 498 Clinton, but my engine look nothing like either engines, the crankcase is a different style, I looked at other engines that came on Wheel Horses and I think it looks like a Lauson/Tecumseh H55B or D, take a look at the photos and if you can verify the model it would be great, it's probably not original so I am looking for an original Kohler or Clinton engine and if you have any suggestions on where to get one please let me know, Thanks for looking!

    • By 12 hp Kohler
      I saw this wheel horse for sale and I am trying to figure out if it is a suburban or Rj,parts on it look like a suburban and other parts look like an Rj 58 or 59, what are your opinions i would really like to know? I know the front axle is from a suburban but not sure about other parts.