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Patrick Reese

Throttle cable end Broken 72 12HP Kohler NO Name

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Hi all, I have a 72? No Name with a 12HP Kohler. It is Hydrostatic. Today the end that holds the throttle cable wire just broke off the bracket on blower shroud where it links to Governor. The end is broken off and missing. I can't figure out what it was that was there, but nothing left to put throttle cable end in. Throttle cable was straight and most likely held in by screw that tightened down on cable. Anyone have a manual or a picture of a Kohler 12 from this era so I can figure out what is missing and what I need to do to make it work again?

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That is exactly it! It's broken off flush.. looks like it was press fit? Any ideas what to do or where to get that part?

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It's a separate piece.

Scroll down the page in this link, second from the last.


Look on ebay for a better shipping cost. That site is flat rate at $7.95 shipping so it's good to order a bunch of stuff but not good for 1 little part like that

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