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Greetings from VA

     The 300 series are very popular for many reasons.Out of curiosity when did WH switch from the 1" axle to the 1 1/8" axle  on the 300 series? Rexemouse has said that his dumpster find 300  had 1 1/8" axles..I like the idea of the beefier transaxle but the 300 series seems tobe easier to come by than the 400 series I would like to know which years have the heavier axles.Thanks in advance.JAinVA

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Go to any Toro parts seller online such as ProPartsDirect.net, put in the part number for a 1-1/8" axle  #5961, and do a search. It will reveal all models that used that axle. Your 300 series machine will be listed with model ID and year.

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Thanks Bob,

      I will do that.JimAnderson.

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