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Looking for help with a restoration

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I have a 702 with a blade and Mower thay has been sitting for a couple years so I thought if I was going to get it going I may as well do it right.  I don't have a lot of time and was hoping someone could refer me to someone that does restorations.  I'd like to get the tractor back in good running condition so just a mechanical restoration and some clear coat to preserve the patina.  I'm in northern Illinois if anyone knows of someone to refer me to.  Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Could always take it to these guys...:ychain:


Seriously check the local car & motorcycle shops they may do stuff like that or more important knows some one that does in your area.


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I checked your profile for clues as to why you don't have time to do the restoration work on your tractor. Seeing you are a Director of Public Works told me all I need to know. That is a very time consuming role. 

Hopefully someone here can help you locally. If all else fails, check LAGT magazine. There are usually restoration services offered in the classifieds sections. Good luck with your restoration from a 701 owner.

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jbumgarner  Do have any dealer ships in your area that sold Wheel Horse? Check our dealer listings here to see. I have done a few engines that way that needed machine shop work done. And some times they still have parts for the engines and the tractor. It seems a good place to start. Enjoy the project.


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      So off to search for someone who may have one of these.....donn't ask how it happened 

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      For Sale; Blade Dozer 42in HD-42, Fits early WH tractors, includes OEM Wheel Horse adapter to install on RJ-58.

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      Picked up this little gem from  @Shynon Saturday morning. Met with Tom, his son Mike @prondzy, son in law Scott & @Terry M at a restaurant off I90/94 & had a nice breakfast & some  chat. They were on an all day & most of the night quest  to buy and deliver some horses in IL and IA. Also got a nice tub for my son in law @Rp.wh for yard work & tub rides for his young'uns...an early birthday present from his mom!
      I bought this tractor for my wife Cindy who was born in 1962 so now we have a '59, ( the year I was born) a '60, '61 & now the 702. She wants me to paint the tractor candy apple red & Tom says it was a good candidate for a repaint ( his 1st resto ) but I beg to differ.. paint looks good to be but you guys be the judge! Plans for this tractor right now is odd jobs around the ranch and to pull Dino's @stevasaurus 8 inch plow just for fun! Mike informed me he broke the motor in plowing with it for 5 hours.  Also Cindy's ride around at shows! Gonna haul wood with it today& quickly becoming my favorite & go to tractor!  Excuse me while I go change my handle!

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      Actually bought this one as a home to a Kohler I have sitting on a shelf in my garage.
      It will be a "802" with electric G/S.  Will go back to original push button ignition as well.
      Deestone Tri Ribs on the front and maybe a stack?
      That's a Tecumseh overhead valve 5 horse in there now.
      I will be needing a correct belt guard and square pan seat if anyone has one.
      Also-is the no name amp gauge correct for this?  I've always seen SW gauges in WH.
      And-Is the seat spring wrong for this tractor?  I know the "riser" is an add on, but it looks like the seat spring should have been as tall as the fenders.  I think they have the wrong seat spring.