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Honda FiveTrax Quad.. V Twin engine swap

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I have been mostly spending a lot of time at the lathe turning down this, boring out that, and trueing up the other.


Not that many photo's but this was quite interesting to make out of two parts and a bit of welding.

It's not quite finished in the photo, only a bit of tidying to do..





A bored out sprocket is a nice tight fit on the shaft.





Not the fun part, making the 90'd drive thingy fit in not much space..


It's in there somewhere!







This view might help to see what's going on.





The plan was to fit this sprocket to the shaft that comes from the Honda gearbox..





And put this bearing at the end to hold things steady..

The trouble is, not enough space, the drive shaft to the front takes up a fair bit of space too!





Soooo... The plan now is to mount this bigger bearing a lot closer to the gearbox case and fit the sprocket on the end only much more forward than it was..

Of course I don't have a bearing holder for the bigger bearing!





So a bit of thick steel slicing..





Cut's well for a £10 power saw :thumbs:





An almost flat plate.





Flat and mostly bored out..





Where were we? Oh yes, making a bearing holder..

Some more turning later and half of the bearing holder was just the right size, a nice tight fit that will need gentle press pressure to push it in.





No idea why these photo's are being turned sideways when I upload them, but anyway here's half the bearing holder and a blank other half.





Both sides done.





The four holes in each half are there so the bearing can be punched back out the holder should needs be..





Time to fit the bearing... Almost..

As the holder will have to be taken on and off MadTrax many many times, and a bit of drilling and grinding going on, rather than fit the bearing and risk it getting full of nasty stuff I made....





This fake bearing :D







With a little bit of trimming to the inside half of the bearing holder a test fit was in order..





It's rather tight on one of the engine mounts, but it fit's :thumbs:





Looks like the sprockets can be made to line up :thumbs:





Now the big one... Will the shaft from the transfer box to the front fit without hitting anything and how tight will the UJ angles be?


It fit's and the UJ angles are well under 33'degrees, if I remember right the rear UJ angle is about 12'D and the front is a tad over 20.. Much better than it used to be :thumbs:





It's tight but there is plenty of clearance :D





The bearing holder was drilled and a tapped so the two bit's could be bolted together..

A clean up on the lather later and the bearing was pressed in..

I couldn't of been happier with the fit of the bearing :)







Fitted.. Just out of view behind the holder is a couple of tack welds just to hold the holder in the right place.. and yes the spocket is free to move at the moment as I don't know quite how far up/down the shaft it needs to go.





Now onto the fun part.. Getting the 90'd drive in the right place..

Which is where the bit of angle that is bolted to the drive will come in handy.

If you look behind the air filter you can just see 3 more bit's bolted to the drive case..





The go up and get clamped to a couple of bit's of box.. This will hold things steady and give me enough adjustment to adjust it's postition.





But before I square the drive up I need to make the last bit of the drive puzzle and fit a sprocket and bearing to the hollow shaft that's coming out of the drive..

That should keep me busy tomorrow :D



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