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1995 520-H

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1995 Toro Wheel horse 520H. 1126 HRS.

Winter mode. :wh:


12-10-2017 005.JPG


Summer mode.    :wh:

9-2-2017 005.JPG

9-2-2017 002.JPG


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    • By mmmmmdonuts
      I was talking to my colleague the other day and I knew he had a wheel horse tractor. He was having issues with the transmission leaking fluid and there is a bad hub. But other than that it is in decent shape considering it has 2100+ hours on it. Needless to say he bought a new zero turn and no longer needs his horse so he gave it to me for FREE! He was the original owner and has all the original paperwork. It is a 1991 520h and I am still shocked how quiet it is compared to my Raider 12.
      Anyway the good stuff...the pictures.

    • By Rich16
      Hi! I'm a new member and sure this has been addressed here but how do you remove the gauges on a 520h '91?
      I just bought a replacement tach on top right (sticking with all Toro to match) and almost cried when I saw how difficult replacement seems to be. Saw one post about bending the dash cover and loosening the metal piece behind the gauge flange but I tried and don't want to take the chance of breaking the dash cover. Is it necessary to remove the steering wheel and maybe the hydraulic levers to get to them? The voltmeter isn't registering either (bottom left) and it's even more difficult to get to so I don't think bending anything will work. Everything else works perfectly. Help!
      Just purchased this 520h with just over 600 hrs and really worried about the rear valve seat issues but it purrs like a kitten and is a delight to hear - love it! The owner mostly restored everything and I'm finishing the job.
    • By EricMN
      For Sale - 520H with 48" mower deck, Front pusher blade, Belly grader blade, rear tiller.  Runs great. Sold as a package. Additional pictures upon request.

    • By Goat 2141
      Were doses this hose go 

    • By Goat 2141
      Where is the oil sensor switch