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I am hoping to find a plow for my WH 701.  What should I be looking/asking for? I am not seeing it as a part on the 701 manual.

Thanks for your help!

Wheel Horse 701.JPG

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Any short frame snow plow should work.  You'll also need a set of the rear axle plow mounts.

Plows are on Craigs List for about $100 and axle brackets are about $50.

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Here is a couple of pictures of the type of snow blade you want to find.  Notice the frame is straight from one end to the other and forms an "A". :)




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PM Sent! I have a "Side Shifter " short frame plow! :)

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      This H20-H is in great shape and has 573.9 hours.  It was used and maintained up until 2 years ago when our grandfather passed.  He purchased it around 18 years ago from it's original owner with a collection of attachments including the snow plow.  He used it to mow his one acre in Effort Pennsylvania.  I was shocked by the low hours but the lot is very small and grass mowing season is fairly short up here.  He kept it maintained very well and never complained of issues or failures.  It started, idled, and mowed grass very well up until he last rode it.  Since then no one has attempted to start it.  In the pictures below you can see exactly how we found it as we started cleaning his property, we only put air in the tires.  We don't know when it was last serviced or how old the blades, belts and battery are.  We can assume that it will need at least the fuel drained and fresh put in and a new battery.  I would take this for my own property in Georgia but the logistics and cost to move are too much for my family at this time.  I'm sad to see it go but want it to go to someone who will put it to good use and take care of it as he did
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