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I have been working on it as much as I can ,I got both c160 apart and now I'm in the process of cleaning and painting
as you can see by the before and after pictures I'm going as fast as I can, now what I need is a diagram of how to reassemble
the 5088 transaxle
. does the bolts face left or right on the differential. all the diagrams I have do not show the bolts. And
 what is the torque specifications for the differential..it not going to be a show  piece but it will look like a nice wheel horse.








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You rebuild the trans in the shallow side of the case.  The nuts on the differential have to face the deeper side of case...brake drum side...or left side.  Use new nylon nuts and just tighten them all the same...probably around 12 to 15 foot pounds.  :)  Did you down load that manual that was in a post on page 1 of your thread??

Fabricate something like this to hold your trans case when you start to put it back together.

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Yes I did get all the manuals I could for my tractor .all the pictures in the repair manual just show a diagram but none
show which way the bolts go .I read that if you don't put the differential in the right way it could damage the trans.
the bolts will hit the gears I have watched a lot on you tube about transaxles and not one is for the 4.010 
some one said it was a 5088 transaxle . 
   thank you steveasaurus

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Jeepers cats Bob....looks like you went from a errant c clip to a full blown restore...if  your not  careful you is gonna have one fine WH!!!:text-coolphotos:

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I plan on it WHX5 been doing a lot of work to the old girl. I got the frame fixed and painted, this is the frame from the 1977 and it
was broken in half . the guy bolted a 1/2" plate to the bottom 2 bolts on the axle plate , it was about 8"   long and almost touched
the ground for a plow . well he hit something and broke the 2 bottom bolts off in axle. (some people are so dumb) I fixed it and
decided to use it for my build. I've  got the axle back together and now  I'm cleaning everything and painting as I go. this is what I've
got so far ,a lot of work but will be a nice horse.  by the way who is good with kohler k341 engines , I have a problem with mine
NEED ADVICE ON KOHLER K341. In the last 2 pictures the governor pin is bent don't know how he did but I would like to replace
it what is involved to get old one out ?? and I found this c clip lying under lifters  someone said it is from c clip holds the valve rotator together
manuals are not that good about explaining how to fix it.








by the way the engine on the old frame will go on painted frame later after I fix it

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