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Recently my steering went out on my GT-14 I can't find in the manual how the steering is suppose to be attached. (I'm also sorry I don't know the correct terms.) I have attached pictures to show what I'm talking about.



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Mine was repaired by cutting off the worn end, welding on a bolt and installing a heim joint.  

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 Looks like you might be missing the little wire snap rings that go inside the socket end of the drag link.

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    • By IthacaJeff
      I'm looking for a chassis or roller of a 300/400/500 series that must have a solid dash tower and intact steering mechanism to replace my 1985 416-8. Steering wheel, steering shaft, steering gears.Do not need tie rods or front axle. Chassis must be solid, no failure at the transmission to chassis connection (unless repaired). Preferably a chassis that will take a Kohler K341 without modifications.
      Of course cheap is necessary (max $100) and driving distance in central NY.
    • By TrailerRated
      First off, for a little background, I have a 1276 and a 72' GT-14 which I inheireted from my Grandpa who bought them new. Used both for a while until the hydrostat gave up on the GT and shortly thereafter, the motor on the 1276. Swapped the motor to have a good running tractor which left me with a "stripped GT-14" and somehow in the mixup, a turbo on the 1276 (which I will get into later).
      Anyway, I started out by buying two bad 8 speeds with intent to make one good one and swap out the old wore out hydrostat unit and then power it with a v-twin or really just anything bigger than the Kohler that it originally started with. Ran across a good deal on a Yanmar 3-cyl diesel but now I have a dilemma on my hands..
      What can I use for a shaft driven transmission? I think the 8 speed idea is getting scrapped in favor of some sort of shaft driven setup (preferably with a rear pto aswell). Has anyone done this? The only thing I can find are Cub Cadet transmissions, in which I really can't "find" to purchase one. Is that like totally against the rules in the Wheel Horse world? Haha.
    • By jmdavidh09
      Has anyone converted a 520-8 over to gear reduction steering? 
      Some questions if you have:
      1. Does the motor have to come out?
      2. Since the 520-8 has a swept axle, do I just need the lower steering shaft and gear box out of the donor?
      3. Anything I am missing or should this be a simple swap?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By CorsairVelo
      I have a 1973 Automatic (16hp) and the steering wheel is broken inside and I need to replace it.  
      Peter Guyton
    • By Aeladon
      I actually work at a lawn and garden dealership. A friend of mine is trying to restore his GT-14 and he needs a clutch. Toro's IPL are incomplete but I managed to find the pdf for the parts list elsewhere. I came up with a number of 9656 for the electric clutch which subbed to a 101473; both of which are discontinued. So here is my question... Does someone out there have the manufacturers number for that clutch. I have access to about 30 different manufacturers so i could probably find a clutch that would work but most of them don't publish shaft sizes in an intelligible format. With the manufacturer's number I could probably easily substitute it.
      Any help is greatly appreciated - this sight has helped me in the past, personally and professionally so I know if anybody can help it will be you guys.