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New member in Spain - wheel horse 702

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Hi GlenPettit,


This is the original dash panel of my 702 wheel horse tractor. The colour is what you can see.


Now I'm in restoration process and I cleaned it all with water. I will paint it in a few days. When I finish it I will post some photos.





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I need some help because my 702 need the 2 screws that hold the round hood. I need to buy this screws. But today here in Spain I don't know where to buy them.
Someone here can say me where can buy a pair of those?
I know a guy who knows how to work the metal and steel and I asked if I could make two copies, but need to know the size of these screws are in inches.
Looking for here in the forum I saw that someone said they are this size: All three are part wh # 1271 1/4 - 20x 3/8 bolt stove. These are standard hardware items. The originals were straight slot pan head screw type heads. The thumb screws which were used as the 701/552/702/753/etc Such models. That had the fuel tanks at the rear of the hood.
If you know someone or somewhere to find some of them I will appreciate that.
Thank you for your time and dedication.
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Hi Sergi,

              May be worth starting a new Topic in the 'Euro Horse Forum' to cover the work on your 702.


However, the help you need on the Hood bolts is confusing me. I am not familiar with your model, but  I am happy to try and help you if nobody else can.

Do you require the Hood Thumb Screws ?. On my 702 parts list, the numbers are different to #1271 ....see below- 




I do not know if they are still available.


If you cannot find them , or have them made in Spain. then maybe I can make them for you and send them out.

I would need a good close picture so that I can make them identical to the original ones......if someone could help with that.




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Hi Richard,

The thumb screws that hold the hood are a simple thing to make  they have a knurled top  , i will see if i can get a copy of the ones that i have .

There was a chap that made these & advertised them on Ebay in US

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the person that sells the thumb screws here on Redsquare is   Gene -S  .

If you type  Round hood thumb screws in the search bar at the top right of the page it will take you to the thread ,

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After those days I have asked for help, I have good news.


I said I knew a guy who could make an exact copy. He has done an amazing job. The thumb screws has been made ​​of stainless steel that will not rust. I put a picture of how they have been after all. Finally I don't need to buy them with this awesome work.




Thank you so much for your fast responses. I'm very happy for that. 


I think I can finally finish the restoration in a few weeks. It is a reminder and a tribute to my great-grandfather.



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Yes I have some photos, but I will open a new post when I finish all the process.


Don't worry I will post them.

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Finally I have decided to post all the restoration process from August 2013 until now:


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