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Found 13 results

  1. Xi series snowblower

    Looking for a snowblower attachment for my 520xi, prefer dual stage but will consider a single stage, must be within driving distance of NY. Thanks!
  2. Toro Front End Loader with Weight Box for Xi series tractors. The loader is in excellent condition and was removed from a tractor with 70 hours. It is complete with all the parts including the stands. I will also consider a package deal with my Toro GT550 (522Xi). The GT550 has 1,000 hours and has some cosmetic issues, but runs and operate good.
  3. Xi PTO clutch N.I.B.

    Up for sale is a new in box Exreme PTO clutch for a 518xi, 520xi and 522xi. I bought it for one of my Xi's because I thought the clutch was bad...it was just a loose connection...so, this is up for sale at $250 shipped! These are over $300 New and have a lifetime warranty. Or, make an offer!
  4. 23x10.5 titan tires with deep dish 12" wheels off an XI tractor. These may also fit classics. Asking $200 obo
  5. 42" single stage snowblower for xi tractors. Model # 79365 Good shape, all required parts to hook up. I can deliver if needed. Auger is in nice shape...was used on asphalt driveway. Asking $300obo
  6. Any point in considering this: to fit an XI series? Obviously the hydraulics are an issue but the XIs have that front PTO right up there... Never thought about using a 12v hydro on a WH but I do have 2 of them. $400 for a 44" Sweepster if I hurry!
  7. 1998 522xi

    This is a 1998 522xi 1500 hours...i am pretty sure key was left on by previous owner but the meter works and reads as stated above. Runs good, has new electric clutch by me, power steering and cruise. New rear all trail tires, fresh tuneup and fluids. Fully functional...i am using it for loader duties now but plan to install my loader on different tractor...this ad does not include the loader! I will sell this machine bare, with a 48 deck or with a 42" single stage blower. Prices: Bare tractor: $1,000 Tractor w/ deck: $1,200 Tractor w/ blower and weights/chains, no deck: $1,250 Tractor, blower and a deck: $1,450 Contact me with any questions!
  8. 523 dxi (not running)

    523 dxi for parts or repair. Unit had 282 hours when oil plug fell out, was told the crank got scored. Has the vanguard 3cyl diesel. Everything in place except the injectors, body is in good shape. I bought for parts/power steering pump. Send message for more info.
  9. I am considering repowering my 522xi (for various reasons, but that's not the issue here) and I need the help of some experienced people. Sorry this post is a bit disjointed, I wanted to condense my thoughts without creating a bunch of new topics. I believe that the Kohler CH730 is a near direct fit for the Kohler CH22S that is in the unit, does anyone know this for sure? Best I can tell it is. My first issue is with the PTO shaft. The replacement engine I have a lead on has a (proper diameter) 4" long shaft with a 7/16-20 1.5" deep threaded hole on it, the one that came in the 522xi has a 3-5/32" shaft. I am hoping to run it as is, but it looks like it might come dangerously close to the battery, and I dont know if that 27/32" difference will cause the PTO belts to run all amok. How does the PTO attach to the driveshaft, just bolted straight on? If it is an issue, has anyone cut a crankshaft before? If so, how? Will there be enough threads left for the PTO bolt if I don't have the crankshaft re-drilled and tapped? I called one machine shop that rebuilt my K341 and they said they couldnt do it, but I may check with others. Thanks in advance everyone! I changed the topic title to reflect my project that was based on the original topic.
  10. XI Snow Cab

    Original Cab brand snow cab for the XI's....may fit others but up to you to figure out. This came with an XI i recently acquired...it is complete and i have the manual but it probably needs a little TLC on the metal frame...doors are pristine and its all there from what i can tell! Asking $350 obo...will also consider xi attachments or decks in partial/full trade too!
  11. 1999 518xi

    Contact me with any offers or for updated photos...i will also sell it bare with no attachments and am motivated to sell !!!!
  12. Hub and Axle

    I am looking to get a hub for a 522XI (the later classics also seem to work). I would need a later model 1 1/8" that has the two set screws and is black preferably. Also I am looking for one or two XI rear axles in good condition. The XI's have matching left/right axles so either is fine. I am going to attempt repair on mine but having an extra is always a smart plan!
  13. So, out of the blue on Sunday, i decided to yank the engine out of the 518xi, to clean behind the engine covers. I'll gladly write up a how to. It wasn't very difficult. I'd guess i spent maybe 4 hours, taking my time, including a few short breaks. The engine runs a bit hot when mowing, during the summer. The gauge will pass the half way point, and goes to about 3/4, when mowing. At this point, i usually would take a break and let it cool down a bit, before continuing. So, the engine cleaning was on my list before the summer. Anyway, i was pretty disappointed to find it pretty clean. There was only one spot with a bunch of gunk, and that was behind the starter. I used my blow gun (compressor) to blow into that spot, and got some chunks of what might have been a mouse nest. Otherwise, the engine was pretty clean. I removed the fan, and cleaned the fins. They had dirt build up, but not too bad. So, why is the engine heating up? Here's how i did it. 1. remove side panels and hood. The hood is 2 bolts (the ones that hinge). Just remove the connectors for the headlights first. Remove the 2 side panels and the 2 bars running across the top of the engine. 3 bolts each. Easy. 2. Remove the battery. You can probably do it with the battery in, but i had to disconnect it, and that meant undoing the mount. So i yanked it. 3. Disconnect the wiring. There are a few harnesses on the right side, and a few on the left. Mark everything, and remove it. It's very easy. 4. Disconnect the fuel line. Don't get fuel in your eye, like I did. 5. Disconnect the throttle and choke cables from the engine. Mark where they were, if they are currently adjusted correctly. 6. Unbolt the driveshaft from the engine. This is the flex disk. 2 Bolts. Pretty easy. 7. Remove the 4 engine bolts. This is the hardest part. The front 2 are up above the front axle pivot. So, it means short turns of a wrench. Easy, but a pain. 8. Check everything. Make sure the engine is loose, and that all connections are free. 9. Pull it. I used my backhoe. It's not that heavy, but it's much heavier and more cumbersome that you can't pull it off yourself. Even a very strong guy would have trouble wiggling it out without damaging things. 10. The engine panels come off with some small bolts. To do it, you have to pull off the crank pulley (not sure what you call it, it's not a pulley). 2 set screws, and tap it off. Then unbolt the engine fan. Then the front cover comes off for cleaning.