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The lever for the hydraulics doesn't return to neutral on its own will it still work and how do you repair this lever


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Not familiar with this item but may just need moving parts lubricated, Peter help! 

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953 nut

The spring that will return the handle to center is inside the pump reservoir on the 953/1054. Remove the pump to see which spring you need and then contact Lowell at Wheel Horse Parts and More for the spring and all the seals that go with it.  https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/

You can find more information by searching HY-2 on this site.

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      Hello all, 
      I have owned this wheelhorse tractor since I was 5 years old. My grandfather bought this as a kit and we built it together. Unfortunately my grandfather passed a few years later taking his knowledge about this tractor with him. I need help getting this thing running again. I'm not sure on where I can buy parts, I have the original owners manual floating around somewhere but any tips or advice on where I should get started or certain questions I should be asking would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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      Can't exactly identify my wheelhorse. I believe I've pinned it between 74-79 but not sure exactly. I'm not real knowledged in mowers but interested in learning. It ran few years ago. Then parked in a storage unit for about 3 years with gas left in it. I can't get it to run at all unless using ether.
      I've drained all the old gas, I've replaced the fuel lines, new plug, new gas, but it just won't start up and keep going. I figured on new carb but don't know exactly what I'm looking for and thought I'd better know the exact details of the mower so I know I get the right parts. Any help would be appreciated. The info I do have is as follows.
      The mower itself all I could find was one tag on the frame under the gas tank.
      ID # 61-08K801-05782
      Then under that 4 digits
      Has a Kohler motor info as follows
      Spec- 30538
      Displ (cc)- 305
      Serial #- 2613800539
      It'll crank but not start. Not even attempt to start. With the fuel line off of the fuel pump it shows it pumps fuel. I thought the possibility of the float being stuck in the bowl but again not very knowledged in this field. Would appreciate any insight, details, knowledge, help or anything of the sort. Or info on the information of the tractor so I know exactly what I'm asking questions about
      Says it's a B-80 8 speed
      Thanks in advance

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      Anyone know how to replace the spring at the bottom of the manual lift deck handle that puts pressure on the lock to hold up the deck in its highest position? I've already removed the rubber grip at the top.
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      Hello gang,
       Have a question about this model as I have an opportunity to purchase a used one in god shape for $425 delivered.

       It has 632hr on it and the infamous run and then shut off. Which I'm guessing is the Ignition Voltage Regulator under the flywheel being that it's a common problem with these Onan Engine and the amount of grass and garbage that collects under there in that area. Seller states that the "engine runs strong and tight"... The unit is NOT a Hydro but is an 8 speed and looks to be a good condition. Has new Deck Spindles and Blades with grease fittings. It comes with a 50" deck. I currently have a 1988 Belt Driven 52" Scag walk behind with a Kawasaki v420 engine with a slight knock it. But it's been that way since I got it about 8 years ago... 

       With the work involved in the repair and the price is this 416-8 tractor with the time and money? Especially not being a Hydro... Should I just wait to find a good deal on a Hydro or get this one as I can always resell it... I like the Hydraulic setup of the H series as well as the slightly wider stance in the front end...
       I've Attached some Photos. I haven't seen this unit in person ad the gentlemen selling me the unit is going to be driving 15-20 miles to drop if off.
       There are a couple Hydros in the area but they are asking $1200-$1750...
       Thoughts and experience?
       Andrew C. 

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      Anyone have any suggestions on carb, or general parts, cleaners?  I had purchased a gallon can of cleaner with a  tray that is really convenient, but it doesn't do a very good job of cleaning.
      Many years ago i used to buy a cleaner from a local auto parts shop that I think he bought in bulk, and then bottled in quarts. It almost looked like it had been used for something allready, If you let it set for a few hr's it would seperate into 2 very dirty looking  layers. He wouldn't tell anyone what it was, or where he got it, but man did it work. You could put a carb, or anything else for that matter, in it for a couple of hr's and it came out looking NEW. Haven't found anything as good since. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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