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Compact tractor advise

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I have come to the conclusion that the compact tractors are highly overrated and priced out of this world. When my brother was looking for one? He found that for a 50hp. Deere with a loader was around $35 to$40K.. He said?" That's the going price". In my opinion? That is alot of green for a basically "Toy" tractor. Looked around and found a 2940 John Deere with a loader. Duals and a rear blade. Along with pallet forks and a bale spear. The tractor was always shedded with 4600 hours on the clock. All for $13,500.00. That is a 100hp. Tractor. It has a 3 point, live hydraulics, pto. And? A nice quick tach loader. He owns it now. We do not need to be computer techs to work on it. He has horses. So? He was able to buy haying equipment and some ground engaging implements including a nice tiller for it. All for less than $19K. That is a long way from the compact tractor price. Just saying.

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