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Looks like immunity is not going to come, so herd immunity is a myth with thus one.

Masks are only good to prevent you from spreading it as far as I know. So I would want anyone visiting me to wear a mask for my sake.

Surgeons wear them to prevent their germs going into open wounds, not to protect them from the patient.  If the patient is infectious then they would wear far more than just a fabric mask.

Keeping your own hands clean is a definite prevention move, after handling anything touching someone etc. 

The space idea is also good, although I'm not sure that the variations help, some are saying 1m other 2 and 3 metres.

This may develop into a way of life for us, I hope not but its looking like this thing  is here to stay.


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agree - it's here to stay 

old and people with health conditions need to be especially cautious - and people they are in contact with need to be especially cautious 


youth and younger people are barely or largely unaffected 


my youngest college age kid got covid last month a few weeks after we moved him back to school - as did the other five kids that live in the same house with him  ; they recovered fairly quickly 


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Post deleted topic locked.  Going forward absolutely NO political posts will be tolerated.

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