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Feed for the Honey Bees

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2 Weeks before Mike, one of my best Buddy‘s and Beekeeper ask me, if i could help him,

there was no doubt or hesitation at my Side.


He want‘s to breakup a Soil close to a Forrestborder, that was relatively fresh harvested by his Father last Year and

in first step we just shall cut a bit out a sideline with the Sicklebar.


this stripe is not really wide, just 4m and only about 30m long, but he wants to seed Bee Feed for his honey bees.


Ok a plan was made at a beer, than we started the weekend later with the first Action.

When we cleaned out with the Sicklebar, most of the grass and even few bushes.

Than we tried my doubleaction Plow, but i doubt if it will do that Hardcore Job.




Ok, that was too much pulling force for that plow while too much bigger roots still into soil.

So we just prepared finally a smaller area aside ahead, that we can immediately finish.

So 2 Weeks later, the Seed looks like this.




That’s the view of today, the Seed grows and we get ready to rumble for the larger area.


He mentioned 2 Weeks agou when my Plow is failed, he maybe have an old bigger Horse plow in his Barn,

But firstly we decides to try my doubleaction plow, but it was as feared too weak for that Soil

and give up because the plowbeam bends.  😎


Ok, this can be fixed, but Mike has to solve his problem so he do yesterday a Ride to his Barn and we pickup the plow.

It seems massive enough to do that Job.

Back on place we had to finish our Job, in hope my little Machine (Beast) can it finish because of just 13 HP.


that thing has 9“, and is about 80- 100 Years old.

no exactly Datas available, but it was from his Grandpa, he bought as a young Man and use it sometimes with 3 oxen.

That thing should last.




I mount the Forkplatform, where we have a massive mount for 2 Chains added.

( in the Pict the Fork was mounted for Transport)

we hook it for a Testdrive in the lower 3 point and than we try to pull it through the Soil.

Mike does the handle on the Plow i drive the Beast.


Before that Try, we resharpened the precutter like a Razorblade with an choping angle of about 43deg.

So we hope, we can cut the Roots ahead and dig it maybe out.

This prepare ahead was a good idea while the precutter worked as we hoped.


The Beast needs definitively all time the 4WD, all grip what the extremeley sharp Tyres give and even some Frontweight includig Diff Lock at 2.nd Gear 3/4 Thottle but it pulls that thing completeley through Soil.

Sometimes it begins to dig with all 4 Wheels, what was really impressive, but no stall at the Engine and after a louder crack, it comes back to movement again.  We hear Several louder Cracks - unbelievable noises while cutting the Roots and we was able to remove them.




After the plow we tilled the Soil several times and removed the rest of the roots they digged out.

The tiller looked after 3 meters of tilling like a Wireharnes was riped out of the Soil.

we have to clean it several times, but also here the Friction Clutch does a real good Job.

We was a bit in a hurry, because the Weather seems to rain immediately, so we just took this few Picts.

At least i remixed the seed under the Soil few times as Mike want‘s on the whole area.

Curious how fast that seed will grow, because if we finished it starts to Raining cats and dogs.


So the „Feed for the Honey Bees“ job is well done.




huh, forget to tell, what has this Action to do with a Wheel Horse?


That simple, Mike inherit me that Plow for my 656 Wheelhorse i get soon 😁👍

a Horse plow for the Plow Horse maybe.. 


edit end

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That is a very impressive story.   Like how you rigged the old plow.  Ingenious.  Looking forward to reading more of it.   


What type of bees does your friend keep in Germany?   Are they Italian honey bees?  


How many hives does he usually have in his apiary?  





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Hi Dave,


I don‘t know to much about his bees wich type or variety they are, 

he‘s my Buddy and if he needs my help, there is no asking.

additionally i can test my Rig and if it fail‘s we have a Plan B.

Sometimes i get selfmade honey from him, that is a excellent quality.


I know just that 8 hives at his fathers property and 6 on his property.

yesterday the catched another hive in neighbours Tree.


This was at his Fathers house, it is impressive the sound of the bees can be heared, even if my Tractor run‘s.

But it’s also Quite a bit scary if you pass the hives and hear that Sound in background.

I be glad they be friendly, maybe they know we will feed them. 😁

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Wonderful work there Stefan!!

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