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Don't be me! Don't be stupid!

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On 6/10/2019 at 11:50 AM, oliver2-44 said:

Good to hear your OK.

I love your .... " I'm going to need a ride". 

I had a dumb moment and had to tell my wife the same thing! 


17 hours ago, jabelman said:

a few years ago I was working on a model airplane and slipped with the xacto knife which opened my palm into the muscle. I wrapped it up walked upstairs and asked my wife how late is the emergency room open for?  24 hours she said,  my reply was,  I think I am going to need a ride.  


Sometimes just the tone of a so often used word can change the outlook of the current event.  “Honey” in my calm “Dad voice” usually brings out the ER triage nurse in Mrs. Pullstart.  No, she hasn’t ever been paid as an ER triage nurse, just part of being a daughter in the racing family, wife to this guy and mom to my wonderful Monsters!


Glad you’re on the mend @posifour11!

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