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Increasing my herd...

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Was today at my Friend‘s Workshop.

He told me he hasn‘t much time to spent, because they prepared for Racetrack.

I told him i just need Workshop to prepare few Things for my FEL.


Also i need the Visit to lurk onto his new Toy... (he allows me to show you)

Hey Tom, - whoooooow what a nice tractor - and where is the Mowerdeck? 😂😂

coudn‘t find it.. 😎🚜







Before he was able to kill me, i went out and help Stefan to trailer his Car, until he stops and jumps a bit nervous arround.

Oh no, please no- not now. 




Searchin* still nothin to hear, as he mentioned, hey Tom, stop stacking things for me, i cannot Race while Rearaxle is broken.


Tom and me thinkin hes jokeing, but if we realize that was fact, Tom and i look together have a view to the car and told him:

„Hey buddy, no problem we dissassembled quick the Rearaxle and fix it.“

Stefan was in shock, he thinks maybe we are jokes.


Quick grabbin Toolset, Carjack and begin with dismount on the Trailer.

After we see the rip, we decided to dismount the whole rearaxle and repair it.

So we pulled the whole Trailer in the Workshop and 1-2-3 half rearaxle was out.




done as said, quick remove the right rear wishbone and Tom rewelds it.

He welds also an enforcer in and we reworks the whole Car together, that they can start tomorrow their Tour to Racetrack.

This was planned long ago, and it was important to my Buddy‘s, so it wasn‘t any question i must help.




After Finish, we realign the Setup, both Axles has same fall setting- no difference measured.



Soooo buddy‘s Finished Work, time for me to cut few Pieces of Steel for my FEL.

While the delivered has a size, i didn‘t want to use, i shortly decide to make my own Levers.




Cutting grinding drilling and i have Levers for the Hydraulic lift‘s.




If Tube come as promised, i can hopefully finished tomorrow my Hydraulics, 

Otherwise hopefully this Weekend.

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Nice Chevron!  Brilliant  :flags-wavegreatbritain: car. :thumbs:

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Where are they heading to race?  Fun stuff!  Oh yeah, nice tractor parts too :ROTF:

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Yap a real cool new Toy what he have.

I allway’s still searching for his Mowerdeck. 😂

It must be a sickle Bar, i guess. 😂😂


They heading tomorrow to Italy few km southly of Verona - about 650- 700Km far from here.

There is an nice Racetrack, maybe not the fastest, but extreme good for fast curve Training.


No long highspeed distances. but a lot of different speedcurves.

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After the quick repair my Buddies started today early.

They now at the Racetrack and i can do my work further on my FEL.

Firstly i install the Tubes for a first Basic Test of Hydraulics, because i cannot Wait longer.


Than i doing the First Test, if all is fine and nothing leaky.

yap, it is.


Than i started Welding of the Tilt cylinders, the Mounts onto.

While i‘m Welding, im running out of Welding wire. 😱🙄


upps, i missed to buy one Welding wire ahead in spare.

Quick jump into Car and drove to Hardware Store.😎


just a normal Welding Wire was available. Hum - ok, get it.

But now i need Gas to Weld, but where to get, stores allmost closed because yesterday was a Holiday.

So i decide for a quick rework, that i can Weld further.




As a quick solution i rework a Sodaclub CO2 Cylinder to use it as Welding Gas.

While consumpt 12Litre/min im able to Weld nearly 1/4 h continousely, what is not perfect,

but usable for my Daily Work. A Sodastream cylinder is much more easier to get than Welding Gas today.




So i‘m able to finish my Weldings today.

B0B5E2AA-168A-45C4-8E42-5BF003C173CD.jpeg.7c5bf0d9eb0870e742b09c90c521ca20.jpeg A11C6A37-8F99-4238-81F4-2D943FAC2BCF.jpeg.5f6905420107d844841eaf55b3047ee7.jpeg 

First try with the Cylinders on long edge, second Try with precalculated and new drilled holes. Angle is perfect for me.

so a Quickmount will work as i expecting.


8961A7A1-4B41-4947-B80D-476D58996065.jpeg.a11aa0904c0c3d1f5eedea94b3d20e6d.jpeg AC82D306-C585-440E-91EA-75CBFD7F7599.jpeg.4145c26b985fc36132d98349c52080a0.jpeg


Also the max tilt i reach is pretty nice.

I will later weld an enforcement sideway‘s, to stiff it more.


at least i dismount the Shovel from my Horse, to try it onto the Beast.

Playing a bit with Lift Hydraulics, to bleed.


Tomorrow is planed to grind the Weldings a bit, and measure the Tubes for Tilt cylinders.




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What's the motorcycle under the lean to, Stefan?

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KTM  Duke II

With close to Serial Engine...😎


It loves to rip the Asphalt out of the Road.....

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Lucky man!

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Nearly Finished.

Just the Tubes for tiltcylinder must be ordered.


Starting today with dismount the Shovel, than i dismount the Cylinders.




Than i grind the Weldings a bit smoother.




yap, looks good.

Repaint the Arms after Test.




than i jump into the Car an drove to Hardware store, because Gas is about nearly empty.

just to be prepared, as i see a Paint, that comes closely to the Blue of my Beast.

Hey it was also a rustpreventing Color -same like Hamerite.

i grab a bottle of black and blue and my Gas and drove home.




Adter Painting i compare and it seems the same Color.



what to do while waiting - decide to rework the Shovel.


08188743-31AF-43ED-803C-59D4C3C7EB7F.jpeg.62755eb0dafa25c94f526da3c2f6696c.jpeg  0D13527D-ECE4-4F7C-A98E-A0C2BD0FF4B1.jpeg.dbd1314373c22b329c9b941c21efb7e1.jpeg  

the Base idea was given ahead with quickchanger.

4522517E-9EF5-453D-9993-B93692A5DCD7.jpeg.246c0120c163a8bf087742f748eab04c.jpeg  477971D0-1A0E-4C79-A67B-FB4FFAA9946E.jpeg.23a2ddba20af1eb2a5dced00e356c1bb.jpeg 

Welding here Welding there and set additional Seems to enforce.

than i opened the Black and paint it a bit.


18FD17B5-AEF6-4AAD-9A03-ED917399A07F.jpeg.e5be146309ef8b5346f4fc7c877a1ff8.jpeg  930FC342-FBFA-4D4F-B9A7-D0CEDADFBDDE.jpeg.078a002e5edc3683b4a5fb2ed2ab6db5.jpeg


The Result looks pretty nice.



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Who’d have thought... CO2 “fountain pop” gas would work for a welder.....?  Genius Stefan!  That’s who!

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